Paslode PF350-S Strip Nailer Review

By Todd Fratzel on Product Reviews

Paslode PF350-S Strip NailerPaslode PowerFramer 350-S

The folks at Paslode sent us their latest pneumatic strip nailer to review. The Paslode PowerFramer 350-S Strip Nailer is the result of two years of research and development based on feedback from the construction industry. This new pneumatic framing gun has been re-engineered from the ground up to create a powerful reliable nailer for framing crews.

Paslode PF350-S Review

In order to review this nail gun I let my framing crew try it out. One of the best ways we know to push a nail gun is using it for nailing into engineered lumber. Today’s advances in engineered lumber are really great for building complex homes but the materials are so hard that nail guns are pushed to their limits. Therefore we tested the gun by shooting nails into a large PSL beam.

Driving Power

Paslode PF350-S Strip NailerObviously when talking about driving nails into engineered lumber we are concerned with power and the ability to drive nails flush into the beam surface. As you can see in the photo the Paslode PF350-S had no problem consistently driving nails into the paralam (PSL) beam.

The gun was able to fire the nails into the beam as fast as we could pull the trigger and lay down the nails. This is extremely impressive and important to any framing crew. Older nail guns have failed to successfully drive nails into engineered lumber which required lots of hand nailing to properly set the nails. With this nail gun that won’t be necessary which results in increased productivity and less wear and tear on the crew.

Weight and Balance

Another benchmark for us to consider when buying new nail guns is the weight and balance of the nailer. This is so important for crew comfort, safety and productivity. Some of our older guns have been extremely heavy and awkward which presented safety concerns especially when working on ladders and trusses.  The Paslode PF350-S is only 7.5 lbs and it feels very balanced in your hands. We really like the long nail clip that holds two full clips of nails and helps balance the gun nicely. Some of our older guns were in excess of 10 lbs so this gun feels really light!


Some of the features that we really liked were:

  • Tool-less depth-of-drive adjustment
  • The dual mode trigger which allows you to set it for sequential fire or bump fire
  • Rafter Hook (we liked this feature but I’d prefer a metal rafter hook to the plastic one for longer durability)

The Paslode PF350-S drives Paslode RoundDrive™ or standard clipped-head fasteners from 2-3.5” in length and from .113, .120 and .131 in diameter in smooth, ring shank, brite and hot-dipped galvanized finishes. Nail capacity is two full strips, or 84 paper-collated fasteners.


The PowerFramer 350 is available through authorized Paslode retail outlets nationwide. To learn more about the product or to find a dealer, users can visit or call 1-800-222-6990. You can also buy it HERE.

Product Review Summary

Overall we were very impressed with this pneumatic nailer. Paslode has always made great nail guns and this gun is no exception. Above all the power of this gun is what impressed us the most. Nail guns that consistently drive 3″ framing nails flush into engineered lumber is our top priority in selecting nail guns. I have no doubt that this gun will become a valued piece of equipment for us and a nail gun that I highly recommend.

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  1. Ryan says:

    Paslode hands down makes the best nailers. I have been framing for 12 years and have tried every gun out there. But I always come back to the paslodes nailers. They hold more nails then the competition, they jam less and the dont shoot plastic pieces at you every time you shoot it. Unlike some other brands

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