Paslode T250A-F16 Angled Finish Nailer Review

By Todd Fratzel on Power Tools, Product Reviews

Paslode 16 Gauge Angled Finish Nailer

PASLODE-Angled-16-gaugePaslode continues to role out new products including the all new Paslode T250A-F16 16 Gauge Angled Finish Nailer. We got our hands on this lightweight finish nailer recently and put it to the test. The Paslode T250A-F16 is the only 16 gauge pneumatic angled finish nailer on the market today.

Manufacturer’s Specifications

The T250A-F16 uses 16 gauge angled finish nails ranging from 1-1/4 to 2-1/2 inches. Other features include:

  • A convenient Quick Clear should nail jams occur
  • A tool-free depth of drive adjustment mechanism
  • A two-step follower allowing for faster, easier nail loading
  • A no-mar tip to prevent damage to trim work surfaces.

Paslode T250A-F16 Review

Weight and Balance

Paslode T250A-F16 Finish Nailer Used On Door CasingThe first thing we noticed when using the Paslode T250A-F16 is how light and compact it is compared to other angled finish nail guns that we use. The T250A-F16 is very well balanced and similar in weight to most larger size brad nailers. The light weight is certainly a great benefit if you use a finish nailer all day.


We tested the T250A-F16 on some standard FJP pine door casing along with some maple shoe molding. The 16 gauge finish nails were driven easily through both types of materials. The nailer has an easy to use tooless depth of drive knob on the front that works very well for setting the nail head depth.  The T250A-F16 had no problem driving a 2-inch long finish nail completely into maple shoe molding and into the plywood sub-base.

Storage Case

Paslode T250A-F16 Finish Nailer KitThe Paslode T150A-F16 comes with a hard plastic storage case that also includes a pair of safety glasses and an additional no-mar tip for the gun. Paslode storage cases are sturdy and easy to spot in their traditional bright orange color.

Overall Impression

Paslode continues to impress us with both their cordless and regular pneumatic nail guns. The new T250A-F16’s small size make it perfect for jobs where larger guns just won’t fit. The no-mar tip works great and didn’t leave any marks or gouges in the work pieces.

We only noticed two small issues during our testing of the new nailer. Trying to remove nails from the holder was a bit tricky at times but not impossible. Also, using 16 gauge nails will result in slightly lower holding strength and it will likely take some time for the market to make 16 gauge angled fasteners readily available.

Overall we think the Paslode T250A-F16 is another great pneumatic nailer. Paslode builds really sturdy well built air nailers that stand up to the pounding that professionals deliver on a daily basis. We certainly think the T250A-F16 is a quality finish nailer worth buying.

Where To Buy Paslode T250A-F16

Lowe’s is carrying the Paslode T250A-F16 along with the appropriate Paslode nails for it. The T250A is also available through authorized Paslode retail outlets nationwide. To learn more about the product or to find a dealer, users can visit or call 1-800-222-6990. You can also buy it from Amazon here.

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  1. Ok I read your review over and over. It was short and sweet thank you. Yet You said something that has my brain stuck on. Where you said there were only 2 small issues, you stated that using 16 gauge would result in slightly lower holding strength, and it will take sometime before the market will make better 16 gauge fasteners. Well maybe I have been wrong all the 30 years in the trade but what are we or let me ask what would you use or recommend to use as a fastener if not 16 gauge? the only alternative I can think of is what 15 gauge? is that what you were meaning? please I am only wondering have I been wrong all these years. Please clarify that

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