Powder Actuated Fastener Review – Duo-Fast DF-27

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Powder Fastening System – Duo-Fast Construction DF-27

PAT-DF27Duo-Fast Construction is offering a powder actuated fastening system for attaching wood and steel to concrete and masonry. Almost every type of building construction (residential or commercial) requires fasteners capable of penetrating concrete. So when the folks at Duo-Fast Construction asked us to test their new DF-27, .27 Caliber Powder Fastening System we were certainly interested.

Product Features

The Powder Fastening System offers three load levels: 3 (concrete block, color green), 4 (solid concrete, color yellow) and 5 (hard concrete or steel, color red) to match the power needed to secure the pins to concrete or steel.

Duo-Fast DF-27As part of the System, Duo-Fast Construction offers five different pins:

  • 1-1/2” with washer for ¾” Plywood for furring strips, ¼” – ½” Plywood.
  • 2-1/2” with washer for 2×4 to concrete (fully cured/hard)
  • 2-1/2” Ramguard with washer for 2×4 to concrete (treated lumber)
  • 3” with washer for 2×4 to concrete (green concrete/soft)
  • 3” Ramguard with washer for 2×4 to concrete (treated lumber).

Product Performance

We tested the DF-27 by attaching pressure treated southern-yellow pine furring strips to a 25 year old foundation (typically older concrete is much harder). The gun works very well and consistently drove the  2-1/2″ long pins into the wood and foundation with ease.

The DF-27 powder actuated gun is very easy to use and it comes with a nice carrying case. The gun has a nice padded hand grip that helps absorb some of the shock from the recoil.

The DF-27 powder actuated gun is very similar to Remington guns on the market which are a nice step up from the really cheap versions that must be hit with a hammer to set off the charge. Having the semi-automatic feature for the shot loads is a must have when it comes to convenience and speed of use.

Overall we really like this powder actuated fastener. However, we do think the handle grip can be improved. If you look at the photo above you’ll see that the “pistol grip” is a bit short (you really struggle to keep your little finger on the grip).  We’d like to see that grip extended an inch or so which would greatly improve the comfort for the user.

Overall Impression

The Duo-Fast Construction DF-27 is a good semi-automatic powder actuated fastening system. This gun is certainly comparable to other similar semi-automatic models. Furthermore, based on our experience with Duo-Fast Construction’s quality we would give the DF-27 the edge.

The DF-27 powder actuated fastening system will be available this spring in major hardware stores.

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  1. Nice tool! I have the old orange, single shot tool… be using it today and posting on the job in a few.

    Wish I had DF-27 – it would be a huge time saver!

  2. Ayman says:

    Looks like a copy of the original first tool of this kind from Hilti – DX350. These are tools that last for a lifetime due their superior quality pistons. I wonder how would this one fare against it.

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