Retractable Screen Doors

By Todd Fratzel on Doors

Today’s beautiful doors make it hard to install screen doors that don’t interfere with the beautiful architectural look. In the past folks would install a storm door or screen door in front of the entry door. The storm doors or screen doors seldom have the same architectural appeal that the main doors have.

So that’s why I find the StowAway Retractable Screen by Stoett Industries to be such a great option for screen doors. The StowAway Retractable Screen door can be installed on entry doors, French doors, patio doors, inswing and outswing doors and even windows.

Being able to open large doors in your home to allow a cross breeze is a great way to keep your home cool and ventilated in the summer. By installing a retractable screen you can allow that breeze into your home while keeping out birds, insects and animals.

Each door is custom made in the factory to fit the exact measurements of your door or window. The units are then installed by a certified installer. If you’re looking for a new screen door for you home then check out a retractable screen door.

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  1. sarah says:

    We actually tried one – not this brand – and it was pretty obvious that our cats & dogs could easily escape. How secure is this one? Are there any retractable STORM doors?

  2. Tilbygning says:

    nice post, thank you for sharing!

  3. Lynn Grant says:

    We wanted to use our garage for a work shop but needed to screen it in. For the regular sized side door we thought we had found the perfect door in the StowAway retractable screen. It looked nice and retracted quickly, and smoothly…at first. Then we noticed that when there was a SLIGHT, I emphasize SLIGHT (a string hanging about 2 feet from the top of the door deflecting about an inch in the breeze) breeze the screen at the top and bottom of the door was pushed out of the track, and the door had to be retracted to get the screen back into the track. Of course if the breeze continued this did not help as the screen came out almost immediately. (it appears that the screen is not seated all the way into the track but just slightly, the same with the bottom in other words it is too short) The installer worked with the company trying to solve this problem but the company really did not seem to want to fix the problem saying basically that it was not designed to handle wind. I borrowed an wind speed gauge and the wind speed measured approx. 1 mph. We have a retractable scree from a different company which has no problem regardless of how hard the breeze/wind blows. Too bad they didn’t make one for the side door. Now the door hangs up when retracting. Anyway rather than finding a way to fix my problem they indicated that I was to return it. Way to go StowAway (Stoett Comp.) Very unhappy customer.

    • Wayne Lee says:

      All the installer had to do was increase the tension on the spring. Happened a few times with me and an easy fix.

  4. Scott says:


    I have been a Stoett Industries dealer for 3 years. Do not purchase StowAway Retractable Screens or PanoramaLite Retractable Screens!! …both products have several design flaws and are very poorly manufactured. Stoett claims to have a lifetime warranty but does not back up any warranty claims. Do not waste time, money, and effort on Stoett products; StowAway or Panorama Lite!! = inferior products

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