Rockwell JawStand Review

By Todd Fratzel on Hand Tools, Product Reviews

Rockwell JawStandRockwell JawStand

Rockwell recently introduced the JawStand. So we were pretty happy when they sent us their latest addition which compliments the ever popular Rockwell Jawhorse.

JawStand Features

This compact easy-to-use work stand not only supports loads up to 220 lbs, but it can clamp work pieces up to 1-3/4 in. thick and raise them 41 in. off the ground. Another nice feature of this heavy-duty tripod based support is its ability to pivot 0 to 90°, and swivel 360°.

The JawStand comes fully assembled and ready to use out of the box. It only weighs 13.2 lbs and folds up for easy storage.

Useful Shop Accessory

I’m a huge fan of any tool that makes it safer and easier to work by myself. Over the years I’ve become accustomed to rigging up all sorts of jigs, holders and benches to give myself an extra set of hands and keep the 10 fingers that I was born with. So tools like the Jawhorse and JawStand really get my attention.

I tested the JawStand several different ways to see how versatile and helpful it might be. One of the first tasks that I tested was using it to clamp a work piece that I wanted to sand.

The JawStand was really useful in this application because it allowed me to clamp the work piece at a comfortable height. I’m a tall guy so being able to clamp it up high enough to allow me to stand tall instead of hunched over was a huge benefit.

Another useful application is setting up the JawStand as an outfeed support when cutting material on the table saw or router table. The top of the clamps are rounded over, hard plastic which provides a smooth surface to support your sheet goods as you feed them through the tool.

You can also use the JawStand in this same fashion to support long pieces of trim and molding when you’re cutting at a miter saw.

Finally I tested the JawStand with a door clamped in it. Hanging a door or changing hinges on a door by yourself is nearly impossible. The JawStand’s clamp can be rotated vertically 90 degrees which allows you to clamp vertical surfaces like the side of a door.

With the three legged design you can position the JawStand as shown and have it hold one side of the door while you work. For me this is a very nice feature for anyone that works alone installing doors. Depending on how heavy the door is the JawStand might not be able to fully support the door but it does provide that extra help you need to position the door and make adjustments.

Final Thoughts

I really like the Rockwell JawStand. Selling for just under $60 it’s a very well built, tough, versatile work stand.

There is one feature of the JawStand that I think could use some work. The actual clamp is too narrow in my opinion. If you look at the adjacent photo you’ll see that the actual clamp mechanism is only about 2 inches wide (there are two pads mounted on the opposite side of the jaw, spread out to the ends, which results in a 3 point compression). I would prefer seeing either a much wider clamp or multiple clamps.  I think that would result in a much more even clamping force and potentially an even better performance.

Regardless of that minor recommendation I think the JawStand is a great tool. I’ve only had it a few weeks and it’s been used quite a few times for things that used to be a total pain by myself. If you’d like to own the JawStand you can purchase it at :

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