Rockwell Sonicrafter Oscillating Tool Review

By Todd Fratzel on Product Reviews

Rockwell Sonicrafter

Rockwell SonicrafterWe had the pleasure of reviewing the Rockwell Sonicrafter recently. The Sonicrafter is another “multi-purpose” tool that cuts, sands, scrapes, grinds, polishes and even removes grout. We tested the Rockwell RK5102K Sonicrafter Deluxe 72-pc Kit that comes packed with accessories and a great duffle back type carrying case.

The Rockwell Sonicrafter uses high frequency oscillating action to create a very versatile tool. Some of the key features for the Sonicrafter are:

  • Microsonic™ oscillation for a smooth-cutting, efficient multi-function tool
  • Versatile tool for cutting, sawing, scraping, sanding,shaping, polishing and removing grout
  • Works on wood, metal, fiberglass, ceramic tile, masonry and plastics
  • Magnesium gear housing for rugged, lightweight durability
  • Slim body and soft grip for for comfort and control
  • Voltage 120V ~ 60Hz
  • Amp 2.3Amps
  • No-load speed 11000-20000opm
  • Oscillations angle 3.2°
  • Cord length 10ft
  • Machine weight 2.8lbs

Product Review

Sonicrafter Cutting MortiseWe tested the Rockwell Sonicrafter several ways by cutting, sanding and grinding a piece of hard southern yellow pine. One of the great things you can do with a muli-purpose tool like this is cut mortises quickly into a piece of wood. As you can see in the photo we were able to quickly cut a mortise into a piece of hard southern yellow pine.

We found the Sonicrafter to be powerful and easy to use. Changing between cutting blades and sanding pads is extremely easy and quick. The variable speed control is very nice because it allows you to choose a speed which best matches the cutting material.

One thing we’d like to point out which is typical of all of these type tools is to go slow and be patient. You can’t push really hard and fast and expect the tool to just cut through wood like butter! These tools use such high speed oscillations that you need to let the tool do the work and take  your time. If you do that they will cut through most anything!

We were very impressed with the quality (heavy duty) construction of the tool along with the nice carrying case and accessory container. The tool has a nice long heavy duty power cord with a place to hold the Allen wrench for tool changes and a nice Velcro cord strap to neatly store the tool.

Overall Thoughts

We think this tool is a great value and a very versatile tool for any workshop. At $180 it’s a great value compared to the Fein product at over $400. For us this is a great tool that we can use to do projects that might typically require a jigsaw, sawzall, palm sander and even more. It may not replace all these tools but it brings the functionality of many tools into one easy to use tool that’s worth having around the house. This is definitely a tool we recommend and it makes a great gift idea for the DIY and home improvement person in your house!

Where To Buy Rockwell Sonicrafter

The Rockwell Sonicrafter can be purchased several ways including:

We haven’t seen the blades and sanding accessories in hardware stores so you’ll most likely be buying replacements online at stores like Amazon.

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