Ryobi 20 Inch Gas 46 cc Chainsaw Review

By Todd Fratzel on Gardening Tools, Product Reviews

Ryobi 20 Inch Gas 46 cc Chainsaw – Model RY10521A

Ryobi RY10520 ChainsawWhen you live in rural areas of this Country you’ll end up needing/wanting to have a reliable chainsaw in your arsenal of yard tools. Whether you’re cleaning up storm damage or just keeping the yard neat and tidy a chainsaw is perfect for trees and limbs larger than 2 inches in diameter. This past Spring I started clearing some walking trails behind our home and it gave me the perfect opportunity to test the Ryobi 20 in. 46 cc Gas Chainsaw .

Specifications and Features

The Ryobi 20 in. Gas 46 cc Chainsaw is designed for aggressive cutting and ultimate control, and features a large 20 in. bar and chain with an automatic oiler for smooth, uninterrupted operation. The 46 cc 2 Cycle engine provides reliable performance time after time, and the anti-vibe handle reduces fatigue to help you get the job done fast. The side-access chain tensioning and replacement make adjustments quick and easy.

  • 20 in. bar with a 3/8 in. pitch and a full compliment chain for great cutting performance
  • 46 cc, 2-cycle gasoline engine generates great cutting power
  • 3-point vibration isolation for operator comfort and reduced fatigue
  • Inertia-activated chain brake
  • Safe-T-Tip helps prevent rotational kickback
  • Side access tensioning for easy adjustments
  • Automatic bar and chain oiler for smooth operation
  • Heavy-duty carry case included

Todd Fratzel using Ryobi 20 Inch Gas Chainsaw

Gas Powered Saw – Built for Homeowners

The Ryobi 20 in. Gas 46 cc Chainsaw is packed with features that you’d expect in a commercial grade gas chainsaw at a price perfect for homeowners. Priced at $200 I’ve been very impressed with the power and smooth operation of this saw. Over the last six months I’ve been cutting walking trails in the woods behind my home. The wood is being stacked up for summer camping trips and the brush has made some great backyard bonfires!

Ryobi 20 Inch Gas Chainsaw

Lightweight & Powerful

As a homeowner I’m looking for a chainsaw that’s easy to use, lightweight and plenty of power for cleaning up yard waste.  This is where I think the Ryobi chainsaw really shines. Weighing only 11 lbs it’s certainly small enough that almost everyone can use it without hurting their back.

More impressive than it’s light weight, is the power this little saw puts out. With a small but powerful 46 cc motor it easily cuts through logs up to and larger than 12 inches in diameter. I used this saw recently to cut up several trees larger than 12 inches in diameter with no problem at all. Combined with a sharp chain this saw has no problem cutting through almost any tree you might find on around your home.

Ryobi 20 Inch Gas Chainsaw Controls

Safety Features

The Ryobi chainsaw comes with several important safety features including:

  • Safe-T-Tip – Prevents rotational kickback due to tip contact. This is a good safety feature for “beginner” users but one I found to be a bit obstructive. The guard is easy enough to remove if you find it obstructive as well.
  • Hand Guard / Chain Brake – This is an extremely important safety feature and one that can prevent serious injury.

Ryobi 20 Inch Gas Chainsaw Case

Easy To Start, Easy To Run

Probably the most important thing about the Ryobi 20″ chainsaw is the fact that it’s really easy to start (2 to 3 pulls max), and very easy to run. The saw includes an automatic chain lube feature that takes care of keeping the chain lubricated. After the saw is warmed up it easily starts on the first pull time and time again. After using the saw for almost 6 months the saw continues to start as easy as it did when new.

I also REALLY like the hard plastic carrying case that the saw comes with. It makes storing and transporting the saw really easy. The case also has lots of extra room in it for carrying wrenches, files, and even bar chain oil.

Overall Impression

Priced at just under $200 (at The Home Depot Online) this saw is a great value! I was expecting much less for this price point, yet I found a saw with features and power similar to much more expensive saws that are two and three times as much money. I’d highly recommend this gas powered chainsaw to any home owner or building maintenance professional.

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  1. Nice review Todd – I agree, impressive price point for those features.

  2. Angus young says:

    I have one of these. It’s been a few years and it’s always been hard to start. But now it’s downright impossible. It’s leaked oil since I bought it new and now no matter what I do it won’t run. It starts sometimes and then dies out and won’t restart unless I wait a while.

    I’ve cleaned the carb. I have new gas. The plug isn’t fouled or dirty. I get a spark.

    I’ve had 3 Ryobi gas products in the last 15 years and each one only lasted 3 or 4 years. 2 weed wackers and this chain saw. Meanwhile I have an Echo 2 cycle leaf blower that’s 20 years old and has never failed me. I use the same gas, the same stabil treatment on all and they are all kept in the same heated garage. Why do 3 Ryobi fail to start after 5 years and the Echo one keeps going??

    I see Ryobi is moving to electric tools. Maybe that’s best since their gas engines are awful.

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