Ryobi TEK4 RP4010 Laser Distance Measure Review

By Todd Fratzel on Power Tools, Product Reviews

Ryobi TEK4 RP4010 – Laser Distance Measure

Ryobi Tek4 Laser Distance MeasureI recently wrote about the new line of  Ryobi TEK4 Cordless Tools including the RP4010 Professional Laser Distance Measure. Laser distance measuring devices have become very popular and useful.

RP4010 Features

The Ryobi RP4010 Laser Distance Measure boasts the following features according to the manufacturer:

  • Advanced Measurement Capabilities – Designed to calculate length, area, and volume. Performs indirect measurements in inaccessible areas.
  • Quick Function Keys – For Addition/Subtraction, Stake-out, and more!
  • Precision Laser Technology – Highly accurate measurements within 1/16 in.
  • Continuous Measurement Mode – Simulates the use of a tape measure for measuring of minimum and maximum distances.
  • Digital Display with Backlight – Easy to read measurement results even in the dark.
  • Auto Power Off – Saves battery for less down-time charging.
  • Flip Out Reference Tab – Allows for accurate measurement in hard to reach areas.
  • Built-in Bubble Level – Convenient for horizontal alignment.
  • Rugged Design – Withstands tough job site conditions.

Laser Distance Measuring Device Uses

I’ve come to find laser distance measuring devices extremely useful in my line of work. They are perfect for anyone that does estimating. These devices are also very useful if you do field measurements for verification of dimensions.

The TEK4 RP4010 Laser Distance Measure is great for measuring distances, areas, volumes and even indirect measurements such as the hypotenuse of a triangle. The RP4010 also allows you to add and subtract measurements from the previous measurement. This is extremely useful when keeping track of room areas or running perimeter measurements.

When I tested the RP4010 I was able to quickly measure rooms in almost no time. I was able to quickly measure the length and width of a room along with the ceiling height. The RP4010 also calculated the area and volume of the room. Obviously this makes estimating quantities for a construction project very quick, accurate and convenient.

Ryobi RP4010 Accuracy

The manufacturer publishes an accuracy of +/- one-sixteenth (1/16) of an inch. I had trouble repeating that kind of accuracy and found the device was only able to consistently measure distances to +/- one-eighth (1/8) to one-quarter (1/4) of an inch. However, even at that accuracy I found the tool to be VERY useful. The reality is anyone using this tool to measure distances and areas with greater precision than that should use a different method.

Ease Of Operation

The TEK4 RP4010 is very easy to use. I found the controls to be intuitive and helpful. The only issue I had (albeit a small issue) was inserting the battery pack the first time. It’s not easy to see exactly how the battery goes into the compartment so I inserted it the wrong direction the first time. However, once I figured it out I didn’t have anymore problems. I really like that this tool uses the same battery pack that all the Ryobi TEK4 tools use.

Overall Impression

Once again I was impressed with the TEK4 line of tools. This is the second one that I’ve reviewed and I was very happy with it. In fact, this laser measuring device will have a permanent home in my truck so I can use it on the job site. I definitely recommend the TEK4 RP4010 to anyone that’s looking for a good priced laser distance measuring device.

Where To Buy Ryobi TEK4 RP4010

If you’d like to buy the RP4010 Professional Laser Distance Measure it’s available at The Home Depot for $149.00.

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