Ryobi TEK4 Self-Leveling Plumb / Cross Laser Review

By Todd Fratzel on Power Tools, Product Reviews

Ryobi TEK4 Lithium-Ion Tools

Ryobi TEK4 LaserRyobi has recently released a new line of lithium-ion tools in the TEK4 series. I just tested the new Ryobi TEK4 Self-Leveling Plumb / Cross Laser. The TEK4 line of 4-Volt Lithium-Ion tools is an interesting new line of cordless tools for the construction and DIY industry. This line of 4-Volt tools is meant to compete with tools that use AA batteries.  In addition the tools are weather resistant and impact resistant. As with most of these new lines of cordless tools the battery pack will fit any one of the TEK4 tools which I find to be a great benefit.

Ryobi TEK4 RP4000 Self-Leveling Plumb / Cross Laser

The Tek4 Self-Leveling Plumb/Cross Laser is powered by Tek4’s 4V Lithium-Ion battery. The tool offers a number of advanced features such as:

  • The combination of plumb dot and cross line laser for convenience
  • Smart Self Leveling which automatically levels itself for quick and easy setup
  • Out-of-Level Indication to improve accuracy by shutting off the laser when Plumb/Cross is out of level
  • The Self-Leveling Plumb/Cross Laser is backed by Ryobi’s 2 year warrant

Overall Product Impression

This is certainly a quality self-leveling laser. The laser was really easy to set up and use. Having a rechargeable battery pack is a huge bonus (the laser my crew uses at work takes regular AA batteries and they don’t last very long). This laser provides two great options, you can use the plumb dots for laying out overhead work with a nice bright red dot or you can use the laser cross lines.

The quality of construction is really good and I’d recommend the tool to anyone needing a laser line tool. Priced at $119.00 at
Tek4 4V Self Leveling Plumb/Cross Laser
it’s a great value. If you don’t own a layout laser then I suggest you get one. These things are a huge time saver!

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  1. Neil Bruce says:

    This range of tools, accessories, entertainment and gadgets is great. With other products in the range which use the same 4v battery and charger you only need to buy the device rather than the whole kit. Other products in the range are headphones, laser measure, ipod and phone charger, torch, infrared thermometer and more. The range will most probably get added to in the future. These are all made to be extremely robust in case of accidents.

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