Should You Buy John Deere Mowers at Box Stores?

By Todd Fratzel on Landscaping

Article Update

This has been a popular article for quite some time. I wanted to update it and respond to some of the comments that have been left about my take on things. More specifically I want to comment about some of the confusion in the comments. It is true that some of the Box Stores sell some of the same exact models that you can find at the John Deere dealers.

At a recent John Deere Media Event I also learned that every John Deere Mower that is sold at a box store is inspected on-site by a John Deere dealer. A local dealer visits the store, inspects the mower, places a sticker on it so you know where the local dealer is located.

What’s also true is the Box Stores only carry entry level, low price point machines so they can compete with the other lower priced brands.

Regardless of how you feel on the topic the main point of the article is this, you get what you pay for, nothing more, nothing less.

Buying John Deere Mowers

You see the ads every Sunday from your local “Big Box Stores”, you know the ones, the orange place and the blue place. They advertise a brand new John Deere mower at a price point comparable to brands with far less reputation.

Like you I was amazed that they could sell the thing for such a great price. The John Deere 42″ X300 shown in the adjacent photo retails for $3,099.99. The John Deere BG20444 (sometimes also sold as the LA105) shown in the photo below retails for $1,499.00. The BG20444 is a model sold exclusively at Home Depot.

Apples To Apples?

Both of these are John Deere 42″ mowers. The one from HD is a model manufactured exclusively for HD. Here’s where the problem starts. The big box stores have made deals with manufactures to supply exclusive products at attractive price points. I know there are many people who will argue this fact and say there is no difference. However, go to the John Deere site and search for Model BG20444, you will not find it. You will find the LA105 which is a similar tractor but the BG20444 was manufactured specifically for HD.

Whether you agree or disagree with this argument is really no big deal. What is a big deal is paying attention to specifications and truly understanding what you’re about to buy. The reality is that high end brands (like John Deere and many others) have jumped on the big box store wagon and started manufacturing lower price point products so they don’t miss out on sales. The old saying holds true, you get what you paid for.

I bring this up because I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with some John Deere dealers that are frustrated with the results of this practice. They end up seeing the customers when something breaks or doesn’t work correctly anymore. The number of John Deere mowers now sold in this Country is huge because of the lower price points. However, the lower price (lower quality ?) mowers are far more prone to break down and suffer from wear and tear. The cheaper models show up in their repair shops repeatedly for worn out and broken parts. When they explain to the customer that there is a huge difference between a lower priced model purchased at the big box store and a upgraded model they might find at a dealer the customer has a hard time understanding.

The big box stores and manufacturers (yes I blame them both!) play some interesting games with the specifications to trick the average Joe. For instance, the two models I’ve compared here do not have the same size engine. In fact, the cheaper model has a larger motor, 19.5 HP, while the X300 only has a 17 HP engine. So an unsuspecting customer might stop right there and think the larger motor and cheaper price must mean he’s getting a better deal. The reality is the bigger motor isn’t as nice as the smaller motor and the rest of the machine is no where as good quality (plastic parts, thinner metal frames, etc).

When I purchased my X300 the dealer was pretty blunt with me. He said listen, if you want to buy half the machine then we’ll sell you one of those or go back down the hill to the orange building and get one. But make sure you save the other $1,400 because you’ll need it repairing the cheaper model. I’m no dummy and I know that you get what you pay for so it wasn’t a hard decision for me.

The bottom line is this, if you see something that seems too good to be true, IT IS! Please understand how these franchises are operating in this country and do your research before you make a major purchase and find yourself unsatisfied later. Secondly, don’t blame the repair man for the expensive frequent repairs if you choose the cheaper model. I’d like to say that I believe the blame goes to John Deere and the big box stores for reducing their quality to make a sale. However, I understand that the market place is a tough place to survive.

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  1. threeacres says:

    Just another reason why I don’t like HD. My grandfather would be appalled if I bought a John Deere tractor from HD! He used to own a John Deere dealership and now collects John Deere tractor scale models. I’m jealous you have the x300. We had to settle for buying the previous owner’s lawn mower because it was such a good deal. Someday we’ll upgrade to a John Deere.

    • Jim says:

      Think twice about “upgrading” to a JD,, I bought one from a JD dealer, supposedly better than the ones from a box store, Wrong, the biggest piece of junk I’ve ever owned.

      • Dave W says:

        My dad did the same thing… and has had nothing but repeated problems. To top it off, the dealer finally admitted that they knew he was getting a substandard product when he bought it. As a result he has sworn off John Deere altogether and has warned me to never get one. His philosophy now is “if I going to end up with a cheap mower no matter what then I’m just going to go to Walmarts and buy the cheapest thing they got… because regardless of the name or price tag I’ll be replacing it in a few years anyways.”

        • Todd says:

          I wouldn’t classify all JD’s that way. I have an X300 and it’s on it’s 5th season and it’s still working like brand new.

          • Marcus says:

            I’m in my 4th year mowing 1/2 acre on a L125 and I love it. Been pushing snow with it all winters too. Run’s great. If I were needing to cut more than an acre or two, I definately would have bought a bigger machine, but this one fit in my budget, and works great.

    • ralph ford says:

      Common Sense should dawn on people! the first time I saw the row of JD lawn tractors at LOWES some years back, I knew they were not the same as what a JD dealer would have on it’s lot, USE YOUR HEAD ! when you go to your walmart, do you THINK those cloths with american type names are from AMERICA, the main thing that is disappointing is JD letting these throw away mowers from china use the JD name,
      but money talks, if you can’t afford the real JD then buy the repos, they will work for a while, and then throw it away!

      • buster says:

        if the john deere at lowes and home depot are the same than why does the one from the dealer have a kawasaki engine and the one from the box stores have a briggs and stratton, don’t seem the same to me as a kawasaki engine costs more?

      • Mike says:

        Although I wouldn’t buy one, the JD’s from the big box stores aren’t made in China. They are made by JD with good ol’ Murican engines but they use cheaper materials and parts. Unlike the machines from Craftsman and others, they aren’t all churned out in the same factory by MTD.

      • Driver Dan says:

        Well I must say I bought a JD z425 zero turn 10 years ago, cut 9 acres with it, got 475 hrs on it. It still runs like a Deer! Got it from HD for $4000. Best investment guess it was a Tuesday build. Lol. Listen, things break, do the repairs and keep mowing! But the dealership support and parts are second to none. Highly recommend John Deere, dealer or box stores

    • Eric says:

      The comments here do nothing to help me decide the difference between John Deere at box stores and JD. Can someone be specific about what are the differences in quality. “You get what you pay for” just does not tell me a thing. All I know I’d I bought a Scott’s made by JD at a box store 13 years ago. It still runs great. The problem is the deck is done and JD wants $550 for a replacement, ridiculous! Also, my friend bought a mower from JD and has had way more problems than I have, including the engine cover just falling apart.

      If JD products from a JD store are so great than why don’t the warranties reflect that?

    • tip bodie says:

      my family is on its third john deere garden tractor bought from the dealer. There were cheaper mowers available. The first two we used for 20 years each before trading in. The third is now 16 years old. This one is a 325. None of the mowers have had mechanical problems, no engine problems, no transmission problems, no deck problems. I keep adding fuel, change the oil, and replace the tires when needed. Great product. Not cheap at first, but durable and high quality.

  2. Brooklyn Row House says:

    Indeed. And they do it with name brand power tools too, and that was confirmed to me by a former northeast DM for Bosch.

    In 2000, I bought a Milwaukee Super Sawzall from the orange store. I took it home. Motor ran/blade no go. Took it back and got another one. Same freakin’ problem. Took it back and this time had the tool crib guy test it for me.

    About a year later, I was cutting some soft metal when the blade stopped. Motor ran/blade no go. Back to HD, where I’m told it will take as long as six weeks to get it repaired. They advise me to take it to House of Tools in Coney Island, which is a franchised Milwaukee shop which does on-site repairs.

    The guy opened it up and immediately said, “Home Depot, huh?” I asked him how he knew and he showed me the plastic parts which are metal in the non-HD model. That included the critical mechanism that broke in mine.

    Two days later, House of Tools told me the saw was ready. I was handed a $78 repair bill. What?? Milwaukee tools are supposed to have a lifetime guarantee! The owner looked up and said, “The lifetime of your particular model is one year. Read the warranty.”

  3. Todd says:

    I always had my suspicions but once I actually talked to a couple of dealers and started to hear the differences I was pretty amazed. Again I’m not going to fault John Deere, I just want people to know there is a HUGE difference in the quality so you need to adjust your expectations.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You scared the Bejesus out of me yesterday when I read your comments about reduced quality John Deere machines at the Orange and Blue, becasue I had discovered the model on both the HD and Lowes sites and was thinking hard about them. So instead, I went to the John Deere site and found the LA105 at the same price HD/Lowe’s was charging for what you said was a cheap knock-off, $1,499. Then, just for the hell of it last night, I went to Lowes and looked for myself. The model at Lowes listed as the BG20444 said “LA105” on the side, not “X300”. And the sales guy swears it’s the same LA105 I’d get if I went to a JD dealer (as a matter of fact, the Lowes machine had a sticker from the local JD dealer stuck on it). And the price is the same, $1499.00. So what gives? Why would Lowes and John Deere sell something called by the same model number (LA105) at the same price ($1499.00) and the one at Lowes be junk while the one at JD is of high quality. Doesn’t make sense to me…?

    • terry says:

      because john deere seen that lowes and home depot was selling a lot of that junk and they thought they would git in on the bandwagon sad part they are like most big companies they could care less about quality anymore those mowers are the proof all they want is a extra buck my daddy would flip over in his grave if he knew john deere had sunk that lowe we farmed he would not have nothing but jd tractors because those 4020 4320 4620 tractors from the 60s and early 70s are still working just like the mowers they made then jd dont even make them junk mowers at hd and lowes that should tell u something

  5. Todd says:

    I think you’ve come across the rare occasion where you are comparing apples to apples. You certainly are not buying an X300 for that price! Typically HD and Blue only carry models that are specifically manufactured for them. I’ve spoken to many folks about this topic and John Deere stores DO NOT carry those special models. I’m a bit confused myself….just know that the LA series are on the lower end of the spectrum.

    • David says:

      Todds answer about it being a “Rare” occasion is a complete fabrication. He was talking out his armpit.
      an LA-105 is EXACTLY the same at EVERY store it was ever sold at.
      As for box stores having different John Deer or Cub Cadets made just for them, that too is a fabrication.
      It never happened.
      Washer, dryers, refers, dishwashers…yes.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think I am, Todd, you’re absolutely right. And thanks for the warning about the LA’s being low end. I have about 3/4 of an acre, mostly flat, a couple of very gentle slopes, so the LA105 ought to be fine for me. Now the only question is to buy at Blue, who is open the kind of hours that people with jobs appreciate, or take time off from work to go to the JD dealer who has banker’s hours…

  7. Anonymous says:

    Been struggling to reconcile the different specs/model numbers from big box vs. dealership — so frustrating. Your post is really, really useful — thank you.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The BG20444 is identical to the John Deere LA105, same specs, same price. The 300 series refered to is like comparing Schaefer beer to Spaten Oktoberfest. Yes you get what you pay for.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Ibougth from a big box and have never had a problem. My riding mower has run perfect with standard tune ups for 3 years. I have 11 acres 4 which I mow.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Another example of an uninformed and uneducated writer twisting facts to suit his perception of a story. While many companies DO water down the quality of the models they sell at the big box stores, the 100 Series mowers at Lowes and HD are EXACTLY the same as the 100 series models you can buy a a JD dealer. They are low-end, residential mowers comparable to other similar mowers in the same price range. They are set up by local dealers, who attach their stickers to the mowers so owners will know where they can get local service. The 300 Series mowers are the “cadillac” of mowers; compare the specs. Better engine, stronger components, more features (such as cruise control), etc. But a 100 Series mower is a 100 Series mower whether bought at the big box or the local dealer. And you won’t save any $$ at the big box; the dealers sell them at the same price. Like an earlier poster said, though, do you want to take time off from work to buy a mower from a dealer with bankers hours, or do you want to shop at your convenience. My local JD dealer wouldn’t give me the time of day when I stopped there FIRST, so I bought mine at the big box store. Many dealers think they are above needed to sell these things due to the reputation JD has. But you still need to treat your customers with respect.

  11. Todd says:

    @ anonymous – I actually still disagree. However, even if you’re correct I’d argue the opposite of your experience and I mean no offense. I’ve yet to go to a HD or Lowes and get the same kind of customer service and knowledge that you can get from a JD dealer. In addition, JD dealers around here are open Saturdays, when I bought mine. My problem is you go to a box store and think you’re getting a great product when in fact you’re getting a watered down item that they sell because of the brand.

  12. Don Mak says:

    Computer manufacturers do the same thing when they sell their HP and COMPAQ PC’s at Costco and SAMS Club. Same basic marketing model, different products

  13. Matthew says:

    I think it can be summed up best by comparing the Deere L series to the Ford Ranger 2X4, no matter where you buy it, it is still a Ford Ranger 2X4. Although the Ranger 2X4 comes in different models, king cab, crew cab etc, it is still a Ranger 2X4. Most people that buy a Deere from a box store think they are getting the F150, F250 or F350 4WD.

    People see green and think big John Deere like they see on the farm…FUNNY.

    If you buy a John Deere at a box store keep in mind it is going to cost you about $150-$250 or more annually to run, all dependent on the size of the job. Most people buy things today think they can turn the key and it should run, these are the same people that don’t get their car serviced regularly or change their oil. The same people that complain when their car needs tons of maintenance because they didn’t care for the up keep. The same person that thinks the cost of ownership is what they paid when they bought the item. How much does a car cost, is it what the sticker on the window says? Forget about gas, car insurance, regular maintenance, or the big ones like depreciation, financing charges, annual state tax and tag fees, and repairs.

    I purchased a John Deere LT 172 Tractor from my local John Deere dealership in 1991, I am still using this machine in 2009. From 1991-1995, I operated a lawn maintenance company while in high school. Aside from my business, I was required to mow 6 acres every week as my principal chore at home, the LX-172 was my tractor. I can’t begin to tell you the number of hours that I have logged on this JD, but I can tell you the number of times that I had it serviced, the exact parts I have had to replaced, and the number of times something broke on the tractor.

    I take the tractor every year to my local authorized JD dealer for service. In addition to the service I grease the points, sharpen the blades a few times and change the oil for a second time. In 2008 I paid $78.00 for the annual service.

    Over the 17 years of ownership, I have had to replace 7 drive belts, 6 batteries, 23 sets of blades, 26 new spark plugs, 2 sets of brakes and 1 complete set of tires. The only parts I can recall breaking over the years is the plastic throttle lever and a tie rod.

    If it were me, I would buy from the dealership who knows more about the product and service, but what do I know.

    • Todd says:

      @ Matthew – Well said! As far as I’m concerned the debate isn’t all that hard. You get what you pay for…further…if you buy from a dealer you know they can help when something does finally break.

  14. Mike A. says:

    The folks on here who are saying they are the same are correct.

    The J.D. tractors available at Lowes and HD (i.e. LA175) are the exact same as the ones at a dealer if you are looking at the same model in both places. The ones in the big box stores are set up by the local dealer.

    J.D. was smart enough to give the local dealers a piece of the action — the fee for setting up the tractor that is then shipped on to Lowes or H.D. Once they had their piece, they were happy and no longer feel the need to spread inaccurate information.

    In the beginning, when JD started selling at big box stores, the dealers were pissed b/c they had to compete at a price point that cut big time into their margin.

    With all that said, if you are buying a 100 series mower, no matter whether you buy it at Lowes or a dealer, you are buying an ENTRY level machine at an ENTRY level price point, so the manufacturer (i.e. JD) is cutting corners somewhere.

  15. Glenn, Greenville NC says:

    Well the x-wife got the JD mower in the divorce. It was sticking point in the seperation bc she new it would hurt to the core! that one came from the dealer and never had a minutes problem with it. Now for financial reasons, (see above!) I am forced to look at the big box models. Not feeling good abt the lower priced products.
    Bought the last one to keep lots mowed, Im a contractor with vacant lots, so knew I needed a good mower. Now that mower is being used to mow 1/4 acre, WHAT a waste of a good machine!
    Any suggestions? The grass is starting to grow and a decision has to be made.

  16. John says:

    Check the following web site— Go under Lawn and Garden Tractors By Brand. And then check out John Deere Lawn Tractor L130 – dying hydrostatic drive. I have a L130 with 170 hrs and it has DEAD trany !!!!! The Ct John Deere dealer said the trany cost for the trany was $ 671.00, that does not include labor !!!! I am doing the up grade as we speak, as if the John Deere Co does the same replacement you will get the same trany again and it will only last the same or less hours and dye again !!!!!! My Hope that there is a Class Action Law Suite And I and other John Deere owners are paid for the problems that they have made a poor products.

  17. Marty says:

    I have now experienced this first hand and I’m not very happy. I bought a JD G110 Lawn Tractor from HD and it lasted 3 mow seasons. Died with 135 hours on the motor. When I discussed this with the JD rep and the local JD dealer, I was essentially told I was out of luck and needed to buy a select mower from the dealer to get a quality mower. I paid nearly $3000.00 for my G110 tractor and now being asked to shell out another $4000 for a new mower. Not happy.

  18. Adam says:

    Folks, I have become friends with the owner of the local JD dealership. I had previously bought my LA175 from HD. The machine was delivered to the local dealer for assembly and delivery to me. He has assured me that it is the same machine, I know him and he wouldn’t lie about that. I would have bought from him (next time)but I didn’t know him then. He got paid for set up and delivery though.

    • Todd says:

      @ Adam – I think there has been sufficient information gathered over the last year on this topic to back up what you are saying. I think the bigger issue here is you get what you pay for. These lower end models are being promoted at the big box stores so much that consumers fail to realize there are much better quality models available. The old saying you get what you pay for is surely appropriate with the LA175 as the number of complaints will justify. Thanks for your input.

  19. Wayne says:

    I have read all of the comments. I also proved on the JD site that the JD 100 series is the Lowes 100 series. Now it’s an even playing field comparing apples with apples. If the 100 series is so horrible, why is John Deere watering down their fine reputation to begin with? It’s their name on it. I have a 10% off coupon for Lowes which brings it down to $1350.00. My question is: Is this mower better than the Troy-Bilt, (which appears to be a MTD), and Husqvarna, (which has a Kohler motor), mowers they also sell? My coupon will work on any of them. I can do my own repairs and maintenance so that is not an issue. I’m wondering if the John Deere is just a glorified mower with MTD components. I’ve bought too many MTDs in the past. Any comments are appreciated. Thanks.

    • Todd says:

      @ Wayne – I think we all now realize that the JD100 is the same machine. I think the issue here is you get what you pay for. I think lots of people were buying the 100 series thinking they would be getting the same mower that a 300 series is. The bottom line is you get what you pay for. All I can speak to is the quality of the 300 series. I’ve seen too many complaints about the 100 series to ever recommend it. Good luck and I hope someone can chime in with their experiences on the other makes you listed. Happy New Year

  20. Wayne says:

    Thanks Todd. I went to my Consumer Reports Online account tonight and looked it up. They rated John Deere as a general brand at the top of their scale. Specifically though, they named the LA115 as a best buy. The one I am looking at is the LA105 which, at a glance, has similar specs to the LA115. I will spend more time scrutinizing it this weekend. The 300 series at $3,000.00 is just too much as I could but 3 MTDs for that and I definitely know how to work on them, LOL. To support what you are saying though about the 300 series, the X304 was 1st, Craftsman 28933 was second, X300 was 3rd, and the LA115 was 4th. There were many others below those 4. If I get what I pay for, it looks like I’m better off kicking in $400.00 more and getting the Deere. The brand reliability score was based upon 18,600 readers who bought a riding mower between 2004-2008. I guess it may still come down to “your mileage may vary” Thanks, Wayne

    • Todd says:

      @ Wayne – Great info. One of the big differences between the LA and X series is power. Most of the complaints that I hear are about LA series really only working well on small flat lots. The guys at JD talked me into the X series and I’m glad I spent the money. My lot is quite hilly and it’s worked out well. What I was trying to get across to folks is just because it says JD on it doesn’t mean it’s a top of the line model. Good luck! Keep us posted.

  21. Scott says:

    To All,

    I sell John Deere and Stihl lawn and garden products at a local dealership. But I worked for a merchandising company for 7yrs were we merchandised many lines (including John Deere) in all of the Lowe’s stores nationwide Here are some things that will help you out. It is questions that should be asked first. My first question I ask all of my customers is how much do you mow (100’s-1.5 acres and down)(300’s 3.5 acres and down). How many Lowes or hd employees will even ask that. Second do you have any hilly areas to mow (100’s small inclines every once in a while like a smaller ditch area no problem)(300’s, can handle a little bit more of the incline and deeper ditches, for major hills x320 or bigger would be recommended–bigger transmission) do you have a fence with a gate (42″ deck will not fit through a 42″ wide gate). Warranties x300 4yrs or 300 hours which ever comes first 100’s 2yrs or 120 hours which ever comes first. The x300 has a heavier frame, transmission, more torque engine etc. The x300 (38 or 42 deck) and x304(42 deck only) have the same size transmissions as the la165 (48″ deck only) and la175(54″ deck only). I will use myself as an example. I have to look at the real value and what is important to me. Based on the size of my yard I probably woud stick with a push mower (I run a jd js45 push) I have a fence with a 42″ gate the only John Deere rider that will fit is an x300 with a 38″ deck. But I would not have a problem with an la135 (best value in the 100 series with a 42″ deck). But I am not changing my gate so do I spend the extra $1000 for double the rider and double the warranty so I can get 38″ deck, or just get the extra exercize and push. On the banker hour questions. Most dealers are family owned and most do not sell light bulbs etc. It is very hard for the dealers to control labor cost when you only have 1 to 5 customers coming in after 5pm or 6pm in spring and fall. It is a double edge sword for us. Some people ask why should I buy from the local dealer instead of the big box, even though they are the same price. I tell them more personal service (we register your warranty your responsibility at Lowes and HD, we will show you how to operate the machine, etc), machines have not been stepped on, sat on etc by a lots and lots of people (machines have to be sold set up or it voids the warranty)local community stores, local taxes, local owners, personal service (I am willing at times to stay after closing to finish a sale), answers questions the best that we can. Please feel free to ask any questions.

    • Todd says:

      @ Scott – Thank you VERY much for this information. At some point I plan on writing a newer version of this article and I’ll include your suggestions. What I find frustrating is hearing all the complaints from people with 100 series mowers that don’t last and they think they got ripped off. The fact is that 100 series mowers are the bottom of the line and you get what you pay for. Thanks so much!!

      • James says:

        Todd, if a 100 series doesn’t last, they did get ripped off. A 100 series is not a commercial series mower and shouldn’t be used like one, but for a homeowner a $1500 or more investment in a riding mower is a big investment no matter the brand. Most homeowners looking to buy a mower have a .3 to 1.5 acres yard they want to cut. A $3000 mower is not justified. A $1500 mower that doesn’t last is a valid complaint.

    • jim mallett says:

      Hi Scott, I see that you work for a JD dealer. I’m currently in the market for a new x300 but the high price tag is a bit out of my budget. Do dealers negotiate prices at all?



    • Mart says:

      Just to add to what others have said here.

      The 100 series is the same whether you buy from HD or Lowes, or the John Deere dealer. I visited our dealer and they confirmed this to me. Since HD had a promotion at the time that gave a 150 dollar HD gift card with a purchase of d105, I opted to buy at HD.

      At the store I said I didn’t want a machine that had sat outside on the lot. They had some new ones in boxes but said that the local JD dealer needs to assemble them and set them up. They also said if I ordered online I’d get “white glove” delivery from the JD dealer, who would show me how to use it. They said I could order online in the store, so we sat there with a sales rep and did that.

      Mower was delivered by JD dealer a few days later, and he showed me how it works and where I’d need to grease it for services etc. He got me to sign the warranty thing, and said they would register it with JD. I later got a confirmation in the mail.

      Earlier this year I did the first service, changed oil and greased it.

      It is subject to the recent recall for the d105 – JD said in letter to contact the local dealer, and they picked it up (no charge) to do the recall work (new transmission).

      So the machine, service and price is the same wherever you buy – though you might get a better deal if eg the big box store has an offer (eg free 150 buck gift card for me, have also seen free trailer etc).

      The 100 series of course is NOT the same as the X300 etc that the dealers also sell. The 100 series uses cheaper parts and is obviously aimed at consumers with relatively small yards rather than professionals. In my case we have a property of just over half an acre with about third of acre to mow each week – I’m probably only going to put 15 to 20 hrs a year on it, so no point spending 3k + on it. But we have enough grass that I wouldn’t want to do it with a push mower.

      So far (after 18 months of ownership) I’m more than happy with the mower – I still look forward to cutting the grass. Of course I’d be disappointed if I don’t get at least 5+ years of trouble-free use of it, so time will tell.

  22. Karen says:

    I find it interesting that everyone is blaming Lowes. Isn’t it John Deere that is selling out by offering a cheaper version to Lowes?

    I am researching different lawn tractors as we need a new one and in no way affiliated with Lowes.

  23. Mark says:

    During my talk with a J.D. sales representative…it was explained to me, or at least understood by me, that J.D. doesn’t actually build the LA Series mowers. They just stamp their logo on them. This enabled them to compete with other below $3k mower manufacturers.

    I plan on speaking with him again this coming week to verify what he said was indeed what I understood.

    Anyone know about this as I’m in the market for a J.D. riding mower.

    • Todd says:

      Mark – The debate seems to continue with no 100% confirmation either way. I think the bigger point here is to understand that you get what you pay for. You also have a bit better leg to stand on so to speak if you buy it at a JD location. The other important factor is buying the “Right” mower for your situation and your yard. I ended up with the X300 after doing lots of research. Good luck.

  24. Ipers says:

    There is only one specific detail offered in this piece – the HD model mower has a bigger but lower quality motor. The rest is just anecdotal. More specifics on the differences between the products would make it more persuasive; as it is, I’m skeptical about the claims made here.
    I bought a Deere power mower from HD and, indeed, a cable did break – after four years. I’m still using it, nine years later.

  25. Mayonayze says:

    i have been crawling the web for weeks and have found significantly more ‘good’ than ‘bad’ reviews about the 100 series JD models. the argument that entry-level models from big manufacturers are low quality is sketchy, at best. the new 1 Series BMW is an excellent machine. prior to that, the 3-series was the bottom of the BMW line-up and still managed to be the best selling model for decades. surely, the folks that were shopping a 7-Series and settled for a 3-Series were disappointed, but that has much more to do with being an uneduated shopper than someone having “gotten what they paid for”.

    IMHO, it sounds like you are trying to justify your own purchase by putting down the model you were upsold from at a JD dealer. save that your facts have been mostly found wanting and unsubstantiated. i am happy that your x300 series is working out for you, but i think it’s silly for you to bash a machine you have no personal experience with, simply because it cost less than what you ended up spending.

    just my .02 and YMMV ;)

  26. MikeC says:

    I feel compelled to make a point about the “you get what you pay for” position. We all know that just because something costs more, you don’t always get more … especially when whatever it is costs much more. Is a Bentley really 15-20x better than a Honda? That probably depends on your needs (including ego) & budget. So, while the “you get what you pay for” position is not universally applicable and is often misused to get people to spend much more than they need to spend, let’s put this in perspective. As with any significant purchase, the buyer needs to do some homework and buy the best model they can that meets their needs and their budget. Me, I usually set a not-to-exceed budget and find the best model & deal that I can find. I chose a John Deere because ALL of them last longer than the competition, and I chose a specific model because it has the best balance of features vs. price — not because of snob appeal.

    • mike says:

      I would have to disagree that all John Deere products last longer than the competition… that is pure arrogance…

  27. CG says:

    I have read most of the posts on this blog and everyone has made valid points on dealer vs. big box store. We bought a JD L130 mower 5 years ago at a reputable JD dealer. Suffice it to say, I will never buy another JD mower again. 5.5 years later, I have had to repair one thing or another on this mower outside of regular maintenance (drive belts, spark plugs, filter etc). The straw that broke the camel’s back was the fact that the transmission blew on this model after ~300 hours of operation. When I brought it to JD dealership I was told it would cost ~$1100 dollars to fix or roughly half the cost of the mower when we purchased it back in 2004.

    Whether it be box store or JD, we won’t choose neither but stay away from JD altogether.

  28. Sammie Jo says:

    I just want to know, why, if the mowers at the Blue & Orange stores are lesser quality, why does John Deere put their name on it?
    If the cheaper mowers are not reliable, doesn’t that tarnish the JDeere reputation?
    Seems kind of stupid to me.

  29. Skip says:

    I bought an L130 in 2003 from Deems John Deere, Butler Missouri, I’ve got 350 hours on it now an am please with it. I get great service from my dealer, they are friendy and know how to fix any problem. They have yet to need my L130 more than a day to fix or service. The only problem I’ve had was the spindles, I’ve replaces two of them at around 300 hours and have replaced the blades twice. I’ve never had any problems with the transmission and I’m still on the original battery. I move about 2 of my 5 acres and I live on a ridge, yes a lot of hillside, no problems ever. I see my neighbor working on his big red Sears every season. I travel alot and my wife mows while I’m gone, she loves the JD. We mow the rest with a 1958 Ford 861-D. I would not even concider any brand, nothing runs like a deere.

  30. Kelly says:

    I have been researching riding lawnmowers and although I do not mow all that much (4 lots 100X130), I am considering the X300. I have been to the local dealer and they confirmed the low end 100 series mowers are exactly the same as the ones at HD. They have the same warranty and are the same price. The only difference is that the local dealer has free delivery. After much research, I have found two sites that state the 100 series is made by MTD. Here is one: Essentially, if you are buying a 100 series mower from HD, you are buying a Craftsman, Murray, or any other mower made at MTD (assuming the above article is correct).

    If any of you get a chance go to the JD dealer and look at these mowers side by side. Huge differences with X300: heavier pedals, heavier gauge deck and frame, better motor, etc. The dealer told me that the Kawasaki 17 HP motor would out-pull the high end 25 HP Briggs and would get much better gas mileage than most other mowers out their. The seat is heavier and more comfortable and the list goes on and on. I am buying the X300 even though it is slightly above what I want to pay.

    • Kelly says:

      I got more information from the dealer that conflicts with what I said above. John Deere make all John Deere mowers, not MTD. The mowers sold at HD are made at a plant in Kentucky or Tennessee and are made to “MTD standards”. The X300 and above are made in a Wisconsin plant.

      • Skip says:

        That is a fact, all JD tractors and mowers are made by JD not MTD. The difference in the price is the L100 series are made in a non-union plant in Tennessee.

  31. mike says:

    JD is made by JD ..I heard that MTD made the box store special also so i went to the deer dealer ..He let me know that is a myth ..JD makes them ..Its there cheaper line …Every company dose it sooner or later

  32. Al says:

    I wondered .. we purchased the LA105 towards the end of last summer at the big Orange place. I just picked it up from the repair shop and was handed at bill for $128. Prior, we had a generic brand from the big Orange box, and ran it for 10 years with no issues. It sat outside and I seldom serviced it but it always ran. The Deere we bought is not built near as well as that old no name brand. Wish I had seen this before I got the LA105 – I should of done more research but was thrilled to be getting a Deere. Disappointed sums it up.

  33. Kelly says:

    I ended up purchasing the x300 this past fall and was only able to use it once to mow. However, I found out it will push snow! I have yet to hear the engine labor. Great job with the x300!

  34. mike says:

    The bottom line is most of the equipment sold at these large stores is not worth buying. My dad has owned his own lawn equipment store for over 20 years now and has done so by selling quality equipment and providing quality service… two things you will never find at the big box stores… the extra money you pay for a better mower, trimmer, blower, etc. will be worth it in the long run… but if you dont believe me go buy your ryobi or homelite trimmer, use it for maybe one or two seasons until it breaks, then if you can even find anyone who is willing to or can repair it, have fun paying as much to fix it as you did to buy it.

  35. mike says:

    also, if you are looking for a great value on a riding mower be sure to check out Snapper rear engine riders… they have been virtually unchanged since they started making them, making parts and repairs cheaper, and if taken care of will easily last you 15-20 years…

  36. Alan Carnes says:

    Need to get a lawn tractor, and have boiled it down to a JD, or CC. Is there a way to determine by series numbers if it is from a box store, or dealer? I know the older models are dealer, before there were box stores. I am looking at JD series 111, stx38, lt133 used machines, and a CC not sure of the model number. Or can you check serial numbers to determine.

    • Todd says:

      Not that I’m aware of. I’d talk to your local dealers about any possible models you’re thinking about buying and ask them for an opinion of the model.

  37. dave says:

    just buy a old deere rebuild it like new for the price you buy this junk for and it will last another 40 years

  38. Mark says:

    I work at the big Blue Box and we sell John Deer tractors. We are not allowed to PDI or uncrate these tractors when they arrive. The local JD Dealer comes out uncrates {DI’s and assembles what little assembly is needed. When we sell a JD Tractor or any JD Equipment we are reqauired by John Deere to fill out the warranty card right there on the spot. One copy is given to the customer the other is palced in a box at the Power Equipmet Desk nad picked up by the JD Mfg Rep.

    The LA 100 series are residential tractors and should be used as such. The LA at my store is the same as the one at the JD Dealer and so is the price which by the way is set by John Deere not Lowe’s or Home Dump. So if you are in the market for an entry level tractor for residential use then you can’t beat the LA 100 Series. I own one myself and it repalced a MTD from Home Dump that dumped the Hydro Stat tranny after 3 years! I have worked the crap out of this LA 105 and it keeps right on ticking. However, as an early contributor approriately pointed out, don’t come whining if the thing falls apart and you failed to do annual maintenace! I have also worked in service for Toyota and Lexus. 2 of the top branded cars on the market. Same goes for them, people used to come bitching at me because they needed repairs on items that would have not needed repair if they had just done their routine service. I would in a polite way point this out them and then they would stop their temper tantrum. Spend a little here and now save a bundle later!

    • Todd says:

      Mark – You pretty much confirmed was was relayed to me from JD themselves. Thanks for sharing your experience and helping clear the air on this controversial topic.

      • Glenn says:

        So this the basis of the article is incorrect?

        i.e. “The big box stores have made deals with manufactures to supply exclusive products at attractive price points. I know there are many people who will argue this fact and say there is no difference. However, go to the John Deere site and search for Model BG20444, you will not find it. You will find the LA105 which is a similar tractor but the BG20444 was manufactured specifically for HD.”

  39. Mark says:

    Sorry I am a terrible at keyboarding!

  40. Kim Taylor says:

    It’s about time people learn the truth behind the deceptive selling of “John Deere” riding mowers at the box stores. It is the exact same thing “Wally World” is doing with hundreds of so called “brand name” merchandise such as tires. None of the tires sold by “Wally World” are actually the brand stamped on the tires. They are all inferior knock-offs, just the same as the “John Deere” riding mowers sold by the box stores. John Deere contracts out the manufacturing of these inferior mowers to MTD. Troy Bilt has become another example since MTD bought the Troy Bilt name from Garden Way. I purchased a REAL Troy Bilt tiller from Garden Way in 1983 that is still running as good today as it did in 1983. There is NO COMPARISON between my tiller and the junk being sold today as Troy Bilt tillers. Garden Way was a good company. MTD produces “throw-away” equipment, plain and simple. Quanity took the place of quality. MTD also bought Cub Cadet, another now inferior brand. Cub Cadets used to be made by International Harvester, another farm equipment manufacturer. Almost every piece of lawn equipment sold in the USA is built by MTD in the cheapest way possible. Sears Craftsman brand is one of very few exceptions. In the music business, they would be called bootlegs. It is all legal in the lawn equipment business because the brands like John Deere, Cub Cadet, and Troy Bilt were actually sold to MTD. The only thing John Deere actually makes now is REAL farm equipment with price tags in the tens of thousands on up.

    • Kelly says:

      Kim, I agree with most of what you are saying, but he “big box store” John Deere riding mowers ARE MADE by John Deere at their plant in Tennessee. I did much research on this and bought the X300 made in Wisconsin. The “big box” mowers are cheapened to compete with MTD. The higher end X300 mowers are obviously of much higher quality. The dealers sell both mowers and you can view them side by side and ask questions. Again, John Deere makes their own mowers, not MTD.

  41. David says:

    The 100 series are the same tractors that Hd sold under the Scott’s name that was assembled by JD. JD got smart and decided if their name was already on it and people liked them, then why not get rid of the orange and go green.

    I bought a L110 in 2002. It is still going strong mowing 2.5 acres weekly and pulling a trailer hauling wood, mulch or what ever.

    Sure it is showing wear and starting to look a little rough.

    the difference between a entry JD and others is zerk fitting.
    That one thing is what sold me over any other big box mower.
    They may be the cheaper JD but are still Deeres. They come with bearing and major joints that have grease fitting to actually do maintenance that prolong usable service.

    ohh and my engine has a oil filter not all do.


    YOUR NOT BUYING A MOWER, YOUR BUYING A MOWING SERVICE. Just bought the D120. Works great – smoooooth solid feel. Old trusted HD employee told me the quality control on the JD was superior to Cub Cudet and Poulan with far less repairs. That was good enough for me. PS: Bought the 3 yr extended service plan for $275 for a total of 5 years service coverage. I know HD will back it up with good parts and the local JD dealer up the street is the service center, so I know the service will be to my satisfaction or HD will no doubt make good with a whole new mower if necessary. They have never let me down. That’s why I shop there. PSPS on the other hand, mom and pop dealers have frequently rendered questionable service and a begrudged attitude towards any recourse. Its like eating at McDonalds. Not great food, but very affordable and dependable quality and service. I’ll stick with HD and Walmart for that matter !

  43. dean says:

    I have the LA-105, purchased from a Deere dealership, it is the biggest pile of junk you can buy. 30 hrs. of service, bad alternator and starter.

    • Chris says:

      I bought a Deere LA145 mower in 2009 and have had trouble with it since day one. It is the most poorly designed riding mower I have ever owned an all my 71 + years. I have replaced the mower spindles, numerous blades (it wears out blades 3 to 1 compared to my Toro same size), the wheel spindles have been replaced and the grease fittings are facing the inside of the machine! I have removed the old spindles to put in the new ones and now have the grease fittings facing out however it is a task to get at them. I grease the machine EVERY time I use it but it still wears out. The deck has a hole worn in it to the rear of the shute. The dealer told me that this was due to sand being shot out of the shute but the clippings come out of the front of the shute, not the rear! Further the deck is made in such a way that the grass clippings acumulate in the low areas and further creates heat and makes it difficult to clean and get at mainenence items. Today using the machine the cutters refused to engage and I had to use the Toro to mow!
      Fair warning to prospective buyers, John Deere mowers are now making junk… do not buy one!

    • Glenn says:

      The starter and alternator are part of the engine. Your complaint would be directed at B&S in this case not JD.

  44. Dan says:

    Ford Ranger vs. F150,F250… is the BEST way to explain. My dealer says, “the 20 year machine”. I bought an LT160 42″C deck in 2003 have 320 hours with ONLY less than recommended maint. I have watched many neighbors not spend the money on a REAL JD and ALL have broke down within/out of warranty. I am ashamed that JD got into the practice of selling big box store models. I believe they have only hurt themself. Go to the JD dealer, tolerate the arrogance and be HAPPY,HAPPY to have a “20 year machine”.

  45. David says:

    I agree with Todd. All these people buying level mowers need to be stopped. It,s like here in KY where I live all these new sub-divisions are popping up with htese littel 2500 SQ FT houses and people are buying them right and left. Why waste you Money on a small house when for a couple 100k,s more you can get a nice Brick one like mine up on the hill. Some of these houses in this subdivision only have a one car garage. Whats the point. People need to realize that in a year or so they will need to pressure was that vinyl siding. Now they are out the cost of washer. (they will buy a entrtry level). And after washing that siding every year they will see that they should have bought a nice big brick home like mine. These people buying entry level mowers and homs probably only have entrty level jobs too.

  46. Ray says:

    Wow, so much discussion! I am in the market for a new riding lawn mower. I bought a Sears rider about 7 years ago and it breaks down at least once every year. I thought JD was the way to go; I’ve been looking at the D130 model as I mow about 1.5 acres. Yes, I was looking at Lowe’s. I’ll visit the JD dealer in the morning. It seems to me that buying from a dealer simply makes more sense than buying from Lowe’s or HD, etc. I hope my reasoning isn’t flawed! I know all brands will have a lemon, and even cheap mowers will last a long time if properly maintained. Sometimes I is worth it in the long run to pay a little more in the beginning, and I totally agree with Todd about gettting what you pay for.

  47. Carl Crisp says:

    Bought LA 145 from Lowe’s three seasons ago after getting two Craftsman riders from Sears in one month that a: failed to go into reverse and b: began coming apart on first use.

    The JD LA145 had to have two pullys replaced after first season (mech said water from cleaning gets under spindles and into bearings, causing them to fail. So you can’t wash the deck) The grease fitting on those deck pullys that are greasable fit inward and are almost impossible to get to without dropping the deck. The deck paint began peeling away after about one season. JD dealer sent letter to JD hqs. but got no reply. Now, the paint on fenders is peeling off too. This is not from damage. There is no primer under the paint (acknowledged by dealer rep.) The dealer has agreed to repaint the deck at his cost.
    Would I buy another JD from a big box store? Probably not. Would I buy another JD from a dealer? Don’t know if I could afford it.
    We mow 3.5 acres of rough, unlevel ground when the grass is growing (which due to the drought in Texas has been pretty rare of late.)

    • Robert Lewis says:

      I too have the paint peeling issue on my L110. First time it was covered by warranty. second time after the deck was replaced JD refused to help. Said it was the acid from grass cutting causing the problem, WHAT??!! It’s a LAWN mower, if this was true why would you paint it with paint that would not hold up?

  48. Realslow says:

    I have a JD 214, 160, and a 240. I wouldn’t trade either one for 3 boxstore mowers or 2 newer mowers from the Deere dealer. These mowers are anywhere from 30 yrs old to 19 yrs old. I mow approximately 3 acres at least once a week (in summer), rototill with the 240 (30 in mechanical tiller), push snow with the 214. You get the picture. Granddaugher age 9 runs the crap outta the 160, this one I replaced the flathead kawasaki with the overhead valve 14 hp motor. She uses it instead of a 4 wheeler, no deck on it, cleated tires. If I ever need another mower in my lifetime (which I doubt) I’ll get one made pre 1994, and tear it down and restore. This is just my two cents worth of information, you can do what you want, it’s your money. I’m afraid Deere went cheaper to compete with china products. I totally hate this.

  49. Wade says:

    We used to own a hardware store. People would complain about the price of our Weedeaters and say could get the same one cheaper at WM. True they could, but the ones there were made with plastic bearings and other inferior parts where the ones we sold had metal bearings and would last much longer. I don’t understand why companies would do that and end up getting a bad name in the quality department just for a few more sales.

  50. Alan says:

    I mow 3 acres and have used the same John Deere 314 for over 20 years. The tractors that are made in Wisconsin are more expensive but when you consider how long they will last,they really are the best value. I overhauled the motor about 5 years ago and other than blades and belts have had no other issues. They still offer parts for these and my dealer is very helpful. I wonder how much is available for a 30 year old MTD.

  51. Ted Larson says:

    I just purchased a John Deere D series mower from Lowe’s. I had heard things similar to what this report is saying, so I called not one, but TWO John Deere dealers and asked them; “is there any difference?”

    The answer from BOTH of them was no, there is no difference.

    I feel that I “did my research.” I spent countless hours online reading reviews, checking specs. My last step was to make those two calls.

    I would read customer reviews carefully. I had a Cub Cadet 1045 that was nothing but problems. I didn’t do my homework before I purchased it, but in the process of researching my new Deere, I checked the reviews for the 1045. Just about every reviewer mentioned the problems I was having.

    I would also check engines – as the article mentions. For example Kohler makes 2 engines. One (can’t remember) has some plastic parts that are metal on the other one.

    The bottom line – do your homework.

  52. David says:

    I have read this entire thread and find it interesting just how all the true info. has slowly gotten through to the Orange building crowd. I liked the BMW comparison, so untrue it is laughable. Yes BMW sells a entry level machine but the concept is completely different.

    John Deere has chosen to be competitive in this throw away society, who can blame them, they are in business to make money. I do not believe they are trying to fool anyone with inferior product just filling a need.

    I have been looking at many small lawn tractors for some time, I have some rough ground hills, holes etc. Knowing what the big box products are all about I was prepared to get the 130 from the dealer anyway. After much valuable input from from the manager and techs I left with a 1998 Lx 178. It just so happened to be a recent trade,in as new condition. Lucky.

    After much talk and side by side comparisons the choice was a very simple one.

    So if you do not have to have the newest thing on the block consider a used “real John Deere”. I will post from time to time to let you know if this was the right decision but after all the time with the people at the dealership I feel confident it was. Oh I and saved quite a bit of cash as well…

  53. Grant says:

    One thing I’ve noticed as I’ve shopped for a Deere is that the dealership seems to care more about its inventory. Lowe’s and HD keep their mowers chained together outside, often in the rain. I have inspected screws, battery terminals, and other rust-proned spots on them and they do not look good. At the Deere dealership, they always put the tractors inside at night or when it’s raining and they are flawless.

    Just my two cents. Cheers!

    • David J says:

      Those mowers you see outside are not the one’s you will get when you buy one. They will deliver a new one from the crate to you. The one’s outside are display only…

  54. Kelly says:

    Update: I purchased the X300 JD three years ago and have logged 80 hours. I have had no problems with the mower. Runs great and when mowing thick/tall grass, the Kawasaki motor does not labor. I purchased a snow blade last year and unfortunately, we did not receive enough snow to blade. I will let you know how it pushes snow next spring. I would highly recommend buying the X300 or above or going with an older Deere.

  55. thomas says:

    Everyone trashes mtd. I have a 42″ Yard Man w/ kohler for the past 12 yrs.
    I mow my steep 3/4 ac yard and my neighbors same size lot. Yards are heavily treed so i mow twice a week in fall to bag leaves. For 5 yrs i used a blade to push N. Missouri snow w/chains on tires and added weight(basket w/ bricks) to go up and down both of our rear entry drives(3-4 times as big as front entry)Now I use large snowthrower. Have replaced battery 3 times. Cables once. Has been stored outside with poly tarp since new(garage is a machine shop). Changed oil/filter 3 times. Would still look/act as new if not for a vandal slicing fuel line – burned up when started. Now looking for a new tractor. I now can afford x300 but should I ? After reading complete thread, any brand can have lemons, I could buy 3 of these to 1 of the JD x300. As for all who call MTD crap I disagree. How long would your Big box JD’s last in my situtation – little
    maint. and stored out side.

  56. John Kinsley says:

    John Deere D140 burned to the ground in warranty, John Deere will not cover it said it was probably dirty. Appears to be a fire that started around the coil.

    $2000 for this thing and it has 18.2hrs on it. Deere Rep said its my responsibility to prove the fire was their fault and I should not look to them but instead call my home owners insurance and put a claim in.

    I’ve had a few lawn tractors over the years and never had one burn down, ever!Please do not buy these tractors and park them in your garage it just may kill your whole family!

  57. Dan says:

    We had a John Deere LA120 (big box store model) and we only got 120 hours (5 years) out of the mower before the transmission started failing and the plastic cam gear was wearing. Yes, I said plastic cam gear (Briggs iTek motor). The LA series is nothing more than a MTD lawn mower with a John Deere decal/paint scheme on it. There is a huge different between the “LA” line (big box store) and the “X-Series” line (real John Deeres). If you have a small lot of say less than a 1/2 acre a LA series tractor will probably last you 5 years but if you have a bigger yard than a X series is a must. There is a huge different between the quality of materials between the two. The X series have serviceable grease fittings which highly extend service life. You will also NEVER find plastic anything inside the engine of a X series tractor as well!!!! The frame and deck are of much higher gauge steal. A John Deere X-series should easily last 15 years or 2000 hours before needing an engine overhaul. A LA series 5 years or 200 hours seems to be the longevity of these. You decide, but the X series seems like a better deal in the long wrong. I have had my X500 for 3 years now and it has been flawless. I plan on keeping it for 15-20 years.

  58. Jameslipton says:

    With all this being said about how the cheaper models are cheaper then the next step up from the dealer you should still be getting a quality product for $2000 when you buy it from Lowe’s. Just because I spent $2000 of my John Deere doesn’t mean with regular maintenance I should be Eville to get 10 to 15 years out of the thing or more. It’s just like buying a $2000 model from sears. Sure I can go to John Deere buy their cheapest model for Twice as much money But I only need a lawnmower that’s going to mow my lawn so I’ll save the $2000 . I have had my John Deere from Lowe’s for eight years now and having any problems I change the oil regularly and the filters

  59. Redonionite says:

    Deere Riding Lawn Mower

    Have spent hours reading comments this site and others.
    My application is for yard ~ 1 acre with some hill side.
    I can’t justify spending 2X in purchase price of old heavy duty vs newer low cost design.

    Have decided to buy D105 or D110 with extra $ warranty for at home coverage; at Lowes or Home Depot; awaiting Labor Day sales-if any

    Seems to be 3 arguments:
    1. Old design and better materials vs present low cost design
    2. Quality and very little mention any site of reliability (hours used) for 1.
    3. Bias both camps

    Got 9 years from MTD 42″ B&S twin I/C engine before it died; estimate 60 hrs/season=500 hrs total. This was the first and last problem!

    • Todd says:

      You’ve done your homework…and you realize the difference. That’s half or more of the battle. I personally think you’ll be pushing your luck with the lower end mower in a full acre that’s partially hilly but then again I could be wrong. Best of luck!

  60. Norm says:

    Owning a JD was something I always looked forward to. 8 years ago we moved to the country and a nice home with a few acres. Ah! the opportunity for riding mower…the John Deere! I went to the local dealership and purchased a model 145. I assumed that because it was a JD that it was a lifetime investment, especially given the price. Wrong! After 7 years of use and garaging it every winter, the deck won’t adjust and drags on the ground at the highest level; the steering broke two years ago and had to be fixed; the anti-backfire mechanism broke in the middle of mowing, shutting down the mower; the seat has split; the plastic hood finish has oxidized; and the paint has come off the foot rest/deck in sheets, bubbling up and lifting off. The other day, during a heavy wind, I looked out the window just in time to see a large 8″X 3″ piece of paint fly off the back of the mower! And, despite fooling with the blades and deck over the years, it still cuts uneven, sometimes leaving a sort of “mohawk” hairstyle to the lawn. The TV commercial where the old man talks about handing down his JD mower to his grandson someday makes me laugh. It won’t even last my lifetime (I’m now 66)! I’ll never do business with JD again. Might as well buy cheap mowers and if they don’t last more than 4 or 5 years, you expect it and haven’t spent twice the money.

  61. Greg says:

    The X300, while nice, has the same Tuff Torq K46 transmission as the D100 series sold at Home Depot. X320 and up use the K58 which handles hills without breaking quite a bit better.

  62. Alan says:

    1994 Powr Kraft 42″ deck, 18 HP B&S engine sold by Montgomery Wards, made by MTD still running. 1 set frt tires, 4 sets blades, 3 coils, 5 sets of spark plugs, 2 fuel pumps, 4 air filters, 5 sets of belts, 1 belt pulley, 3 fuel filters 10 oil changes ( I’ve used synthetic 30W in it from new ). Yes only the best available oil ( Amsoil 30W)The W in oil means (suitable for WINTER and NOT WEIGHT also oil is detergent).No W= not detergent oil and not good for any modern engine. Transmission went dry, wouldn’t move. Found out spec. in trans. called for 1 quart 20 W 50 racing oil, siphoned residual then put in AMSOIL 20 W 50 = good to go. Did all work myself. 1.5 acres twice a week. Yeah people look and see me running this classic mower. I was thinking of going to a new JD rider. After reading these comments, I’ll just keep my old one. Very informative. Thanks to all for sharing and jarring some sense into me.All you on here can moan and groan, I’ll stick with MTD where parts are cheaper also

  63. Jason says:

    I use the John Deere X748 to mow 4 acres… I love it!!!!

  64. Mark says:

    In 2002 I purchased a Scotts L2048 made by John Deere at HD.The engine is a B&S 20 hp with a 48″ deck. Cost was $1,999.00 plus $325.00 for bagging kit.This spring it will be 14 yrs old with 300 hours.The 1 plus acres of lawn I have is hilly. It still runs like new,maybe because of regular maintenance,low hours, or just plain luck.
    Regular Maintenance:
    Since day 1 I have used full synthetic oil and replaced the oil filter every 25 hours or at the end of each season.
    In NY we have oxygenated gas with ethanol.I use high octane fuel and
    add stabilizer at the end of the season. Air filters are changed annually. I grease all fittings twice a year. To date I changed the fuel filter twice and the spark plugs once. Last summer I replaced
    the battery for the 1st time because it would no longer hold a charge.Tractor is always stored in shed when not in use.

    1) I have had to replace 3 spindles because they did not have
    grease fitting. Replacement cost was around $35 each for better
    2) 3 drive belts smoked when each of the above spindles failed.
    replacement costs about $39 each.
    3) Fuel cap breather hole clogs when operating in dusty conditions
    causing engine to bog down until cleared, a no cost issue.
    4) Cleaning the bottom of the deck is a major pain because there is
    no washout plug.
    5) If grass is damp, not wet from rain or sprinklers the bagging
    tubes will clog. The same holds true if I try to bag more than
    1″ off the top.
    6) Seat is starting to develop a few cracks.
    7) Came with 1 broken headlight bulb. I guess that was missed by
    the JD PDI if they even did that back then (no dealer sticker).

    1) No transmission problems. I don’t use it to plow snow. I do haul
    lots of fire wood and wet mulch with a dump trailer.
    2) No engine smoke or backfiring.
    3) Cuts reasonable even/level for a 48″ deck.
    4) Except where I have dinged the deck, there is little to no rust.
    5) Doesn’t seem to loud or use an excessive amount of fuel. This is
    my first tractor so I have nothing to compare it to.

    Yes, John Deere makes much better lawn and garden tractors than the Scotts model I bought. The L2048 has performed very well for my
    needs and has not disappointed me. The total cost of ownership seems to have been reasonable over the years. All said, I hope that when it comes to replace my current lawn tractor,the next one will do as good a job. I may be one of a few, but I am happy with my box store lawn tractor.


  65. Brent Feinberg says:

    I have an L110 riding mower that I purchased at HD 14 years ago. It still starts on the first try and I have had no issues with it other than replacing batteries and a seat that had to be replaced. I get it serviced from a John Deere dealer every 3 years. I really don’t see how I would have gotten a better mower by buying directly from a JD dealer. As someone else pointed out, it is not a fair comparison between the L series and the X300 (or whatever it was).

  66. Bob Shoemaker says:

    I have a Deere 160 bought in 1986 for 2500$
    Did most maintenance and repairs myself. Have 3/4 acre partially hilly yard. Pull lawn sweeper. Sold the bagger.
    Kawasaki engine still runs like a champ. Replaced spindles, rebuilt carb, belts, changed oil and filter each year, cleaned air filter each year, replaced batteries, sharpened blades. It looks like the Peerless transmission finally died. New transmission is 900$. Have lawn service now, but like cutting the lawn. After reading these comments, I may put money into the 160. I guess 2 cliches are true: ” They don’t make them like they used to” and You only get what you pay for”

  67. Fedup says:

    It’s a shame none of these posts are date/time stamped. How current are the complaints? Are newer models any better? So much traffic/discussion, and most of it rendered useless when trying to determine if it’s still relevant.

  68. Not the old Green I remember says:

    Purchased a JD D105 from HD – it lasted only 66 hours when the transmission locked and engine blew. (but out of warranty – past two years, so…)Find out this is a “know common problem” for this entry level machine. I did not do my homework before I purchased this low end machine! I called many JD service people – they say their lots are fill with broken D105s with cheap transmission. There is talk of a class action law suit.

  69. David says:

    It isn’t just lawn mowers. Refurbishing my home I bought 3 Delta faucets from one of the box stores; 129 bucks a piece. Contractor installed one and it already had a leak. Drove to a licensed Delta faucet dealer and bought 3 faucets 349 bucks apiece. They showed me the differences from the one from HD and the one they sold me. True dealer item uses all brass; HD model was all plastic. Not only that dealer model is guaranteed lifetime. If I can’t fix it they send out a Delta rep who does. Never thought I’d be happy spending over 1200 bucks on 3 faucets but I am. They still have had no issues. You do get what you pay for.

  70. Barry says:

    I have a JD La105 for about 10 yrs. Had no problems with it at all. I do clean and do maintenance on it faithfully every time I use it.

  71. Doug says:

    I would just like to point out three things that were perhaps overlooked.
    1. I don’t believe that JD would make a poor quality product that would hurt their brand.
    2. I know that sometimes, you pay extra for brand name items. Higher cost does not always mean to better.
    3. I would fully expect a John Deere media event would advocate for purchasing from a dealership. They would have a lot of angry dealers if they pushed the Big Box stores.

  72. Margaret says:

    I bought the LA115 from Lowe’s 10 years ago and it still runs great.
    If fact, we abuse the thing by hauling dirt, rock, tree rounds, etc…
    Have 2.5 acres with hills.
    Change the oil, keep it lubed, and tuned up.
    Maintenance goes along ways.

  73. JB says:

    Todd I bought my model 325 Garden Tractor from a JD Dealer in the late 90’s. I have changed the oil, replaced two belts and bought three sets of blades for the 48″ convertible deck, which I swapped for at the time of purchase for the 54″ that came with it, and that is it.

    It is now June of 2018 and it is still a workhorse. I won’t advise anyone what to buy but I darn sure know what I will buy if I in fact need to buy again.

    Incidentally, decent twenty year old 325’s bring between $2,000 and $3,000 which is over 50% of the original purchase price twenty years later. This is a pretty darn good return of the original investment. I don’t think This is something that hasn’t been mentioned but should be a factor when deciding on what to buy.

  74. Fred says:

    Gee folks. I have not had a bad experience with a used 1 year old L100 manual shifter I bought from the Orange box for 200 off the regular price in ’06. I regularly changed the oil, changed the air and fuel filters, and greased the greased points as indicated by the owners manual.
    The big box did not provide the manual nor a starter key which I had to buy from JD. I figured out the mower was wired for the hour meter but not installed, so I bought the hour meter from JD and installed it myself. I only put gas in that was treated with STARTRON to keep down water separation. Running 12 years now mowing 1/2 acre, and sometimes a neighbor’s when their mower breaks down.
    Yes, I had to get a deck mount welded by a local welder, but only because I banged the mower deck into a tree stump and broke a mount. My bad, not the mower’s. Runs great since the fix.
    JD’s are the best. With recent surgeries I now need a mower with power steering and have m eye on a X370.
    Anyone want a good running L100 to start out, 200 hours, let me know. NC

  75. Jason says:

    This is funny because my local John Deere dealer told me to go to Lowes because of the rebate they had going on for the exact same model and he couldn’t match it. Asked him about this exact subject because I heard the same thing. He almost laughed me out of the parking lot. This used to be true, but John Deere decided a number of years ago they didn’t want their name on a watered down product. The mowers at the big box stores may be entry level mowers but they ARE the exact same as the enter level mowers you get from the dealer. That is straight from my local dealer’s mouth. The notion is laughable. Who should I listen to? My local John Deere dealer or… some guy on the internet?

  76. The longest I’ve used any lawn tractor be it Craftsman, MTD, or Snapper is three years. The first year, all is good. The second year it requires some work on it. The third year, I was working on it more than I was mowing. No engine problems, just inferior decks and engineering. Now to 2018. I’m using a John Deere LX178 that I purchased 10 years ago. It’s a 1994. It’s water cooled and running strong today and it’s never had any deck problems. For the larger fields, I bought a JD 445 last July. It’s a 1998….yes, it’s twenty years old. The Kawasaki 22 HP engine runs perfectly without burning oil. It’s water cooled with gauges that work. Power steering is wonderful and the hydraulic deck lift is imperative due to it’s 300 pound weight. This machine has only one belt on the deck because the deck and transmission drive is shaft driven. The cost of the two mowers was less than $3000. Being 70 years old, I’ll continue to replace what’s needed with these two mowers rather than buy anything new. The last two mowers I got rid of were both cub cadet machines (shaft drive) because the decks rusted out! Both of my JD’s decks are solid and yet older than the Cub Cadets!

  77. J Mower says:

    Of course they are not the same. Anyone with a brain cell should know that. However, they will hold up for 10 years at least. After that amount of time I want a new tractor. I have bought from the dealer and I have bought from Lowes. The dealer ones are much better quality and heavier gauge but the seats still crack just like the cheaper ones, the belts need to be replaced, the thing needs grease, springs still wear out, etc… With normal maintenance and care the Lowes John Deere’s will give at least 10 years of service.

  78. Ron says:

    Not at all true that a local dealer inspects the mowers and puts a sticker on it. False

  79. Laina says:

    More confused than ever. Ok, everything mechanical needs service. Some I can do myself. Most not.
    Also, everything breaks sooner or later.
    Here is what is important to ME. Service.
    Compare blue store longest extended warranty, vs mower price vs how I’ll be treated when ‘mow no go’.
    Especially as a woman.
    Anyone with experience they can share with blue store wower plus extra warranty? What broke? Did they fix?
    They sure were great a few years ago when my front load washer’s main brain blew. (And I was on the last few days of my paid for extended warranty.)

  80. Joseph Willis says:

    I have a 1 acre lot. In 2006 I bought a new 145 automatic Deere. For 15 years and 305 hours all I had to do was routine maintenance. At the beginning of year 16 one of the deck spindles failed causing the belt to also break. I spent $520.80 replacing every part on the deck that needed it. Mower did not come equipped with wash-out port. Sold mower and shopped for another new Deere to replace it. The 145 Automatic is now named S170 only difference is shape of hood and lumbar adjustable seat. After using it only 16 hours in 11 months the deck belt broke. I was not concerned because it has a 2 year or 120 hour bumper to bumper warranty. To me bumper to bumper means everything. Took it to the nearest Deere service center (28 miles one way) and after 5 days they called to say I have to pay out of pocket for the new belt and labor. So beware of the “2 year/120 hour” warranty. It has exclusions in it.

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