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By Todd Fratzel on Product Reviews, Tools & Products

Not Your Father’s Battery Charger!

At a recent Media event I had a chance to spy some cool new products from Stanley including  Battery Charger. It’s been years since I’ve used a new battery charger and I thought it was time to step up to some improved technology. As you can see above the new Stanley GBCPRO Battery Charger is a far cry from my father’s old trickle charger which always left me wondering when I’d blow up a battery and do some serious damage!

The folks at Stanley were kind enough to send us their new charger so we could give it a test.  The Stanley GBCPRO is being sold as a Vehicle and Golf Cart Battery Charger. Before we get started let’s look at the Features and Specifications.

Features and Specifications

  • Fully Automatic Multi-Voltage Smart Golf Cart and Vehicle Battery Charger
  • 6-48V Automatic Voltage Detection
  • 3 Stage High efficiency automatic Rapid/ Maintenance Charging
  • Battery Voltage Tester
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Lightweight Portable Design
  • Round & Rectangular Golf Cart Connectors included. (Fits Most popular Golf Carts)
  • O-Ring connectors allow for universal and permanent Installation.
  • Battery Clamps for 6-24V applications
  • Float Mode Monitoring

Performance and Ease of Use

The Stanley GBCPRO Battery Charger is packed with features that are easy to use. This little unit is capable of charging a wide range of batteries ranging from 6 volts up to 48 volts. It can charge several different battery cell types including wet, gel and AGM (absorbed glass mat).  And it comes with connectors capable of attaching to batteries with clamps, O-rings, and round or rectangular golf cart connectors. The wide range of battery types makes this a flexible charger capable of handling 95% of battery charging tasks for vehicles.

This battery charger is really easy to use. It is almost 100% automatic which can really help prevent troubles charging a battery. The only thing you really need to know prior to starting is the battery type (Wet, Gel or AGM). After that the charger will automatically determine battery voltage. Simply attach it to the batteries according to the User Manual and then select the battery type.

Next you can do several things including: check the battery voltage (the LED screen will show the actual battery voltage), set a rapid charge, or set a maintenance charge (set at 2A). The actual battery voltage will be shown on the display so you can monitor the progress of the charge. Overall this charger is a piece of cake to use and it works very well.

Overall Impression

The Stanley GBCPRO Vehicle and Golf Cart Battery Charger is packed full of features allowing it to be used on lots of different battery and vehicle types from cars/trucks, to golf carts, boats, RV’s and off road vehicles. The unit is built out of high density plastic with metal “roll bars” over the controls to protect the display. The unit has a comfortable handle and storage for the power cord and charging cords.  I’m very impressed with this unit and how it performed charging car and lawn mower batteries. If you’re looking for a charger I’d really recommend this one.

Priced at $120 it’s a great value. If you’re interested in buying one of these you can in the following link:

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  1. T. D. James says:

    We are on our 2nd Stanley charger for our golf cart. That is 2 since Sept. They really are not any good. The second one has now gone out on us and we cannot charge the EZGO that we need for our work. My opinion is they are not any good. Stick to TOOLS.

  2. Jeff s says:

    Took it out of the box plugged into ac gives load tone and displays ful,not hooked to anything can’t change anything on the display
    ,won’t swap to any other options. What now.

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