STOK Quattro Gas Grill

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STOK™ QUATTRO™ 4-Burner Grill

Gas grills never seem to change much they just seem to pick up more and more features like larger cooking surfaces, rotisseries, side burners and even ice chests. To say things haven’t changed much in the last 10 or 15 years isn’t an understatement. So when the folks from STOK asked if I’d like to try their new STOK™ QUATTRO™ 4-Burner Grill I said sure. What I didn’t expect were all the cool new features that you’ve likely not seen before in a gas grill!

Grill Insert System

The key to this innovative new grilling system is the Grill Insert System. Interchangeable cooking inserts were created to provide you with perfect results. Grilling inserts enable you to cook an entire meal and every meal on your STOK grill. Options are endless with inserts ranging from a pizza stone and a vegetable tray, to a griddle and a grill grate.

Above you can see the regular grill including the circular grill inserts that can be removed for the different grill inserts. Each section of the inserts includes two burners under each one. Below you can see several of the standard inserts that come with the grill. On the left is a pizza stone, the center is a griddle pan and the right is a vegetable pan.

The Grill Insert System is the key feature with this grill and I REALLY like it! We love to grill all kinds of vegetables and hard to cook items on the grill. With this new grill we’re able to do that much easier with lots more options. As you can see from some of the pictures below we’ve tested the grill doing steak tips, vegetables and even a roast chicken (we purchased an extra insert for doing “beer can” chicken).

Overall Impression

The STOK™ QUATTRO™ 4-Burner Grill is a fairly standard gas grill with the exception of the innovative Grill Insert System. The grill is constructed of fairly standard light gauge sheet metal with a stainless steel top. Assembly takes about 1 hour with very easy to follow instructions. The grill starts easily and cooks with a nice even temperature so with all things considered I’d rank it side by side with any everyday gas grill.

However, once you consider all the great Grill Inserts the STOK steps things up a notch in my book. I really like this system and all the cooking options it brings to the table. You can literally cook most anything that you’d cook in the house including things like bacon and eggs, pancakes, sauteed onions, pizza, grilled vegetables and many more things. All of these new options makes this grill very exciting.

If I had one thing to improve it would be the overall quality of the product.  Don’t get me wrong this grill is very similar in quality to most of the standard gas grills on the market. However, I’d really like to see them step things up a notch and offer heavier gauge steel in both the grill assembly and the inserts. Based on my short time using it I’d be willing to guess the grill will last the average 4 to 5 years that I’ve normal achieved with a grill of this quality.

Having said all that with a price tag under $400 it’s a great value. If you’d like to buy one of these you might want to check out the special going on at The Home Depot at the next link:

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