The “Anyone Can Do This” Column Wrap

By Todd Fratzel on Decks & Porches

We’ve used Fypon products over the last couple of years with great success. Fypon has a great product for all you DIY’ers looking to spruce up your porches. Check out this information on their new column wrap.

Fypon® Unassembled Column Wrap

ARCHBOLD, OHIO – Forget about hiring a professional to enhance your home. The new Fypon® Unassembled Column Wrap was designed with eight pieces of durable PVC that connect together in less than 25 minutes to give the wood or steel posts on your home a new, updated look.

“We call them the ‘even I can do this’ column wraps because they’re so simple to install,” says Tina Mealer, product manager with Fypon. “The complete kit arrives in one box with four connecting pieces of PVC for the shaft of the column wrap and four additional pieces for the base and cap. We’ve even included the glue and screws needed to complete the installation.”

Fypon Unassembled Column Wraps in the Economy Plain Style are designed as a fast and easy way to transform ugly, warped wood porch or deck posts into attractive exterior settings for the home. Each decorative column wrap “free floats” around the existing column, hiding unsightly structural posts. Unassembled Column Wraps can be used on both the exterior and interior of the home.

“The PVC in the Unassembled Column Wrap resists rot, insects, termites and all forms of weather,” says Mealer. “This is the easiest possible way for a homeowner to enhance the look of a home in just minutes. And, with list pricing starting at below $140 per column wrap kit, this is an exceptionally affordable way to improve the overall look of your home.”

The free movement of the wrap around the post during installation creates the best alignment of the columns in relation to each other and in alignment with the porch. This unique feature of Fypon column wraps makes it possible for homeowners to line the column wraps up perfectly, even if the support structures are not exactly parallel to one another. A second advantage of the floating wrap is that, since the wrap does not touch the support post, if the structural post (which is usually pressure treated lumber) twists over time, the shape of the wrap will not be affected.

“The low price point, ease of installation and consistency of finished product are all key benefits of the Unassembled Column Wrap kits,” says Mealer. “This home improvement project can be handled by anyone and has lasting curb appeal benefits.”

Fypon Unassembled Column Wraps come in a variety of more than 18 standard widths and heights, allowing for the perfect size for any project. Each kit includes the box style cap and base. Fypon also offers a full line of labor-saving two-piece, semi-assembled column wraps in more than a dozen different styles, such as Raised Panel, Fluted, Tapered, Non-Tapered and Craftsman. Each decorative column wrap installs in about 15 minutes, providing a unique look and custom style to both interior and exterior column wrap projects. Visit to view all column wrap offerings.

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  1. Deborah says:

    We’ll be wrapping the posts on the Stone House. Thanks for the info.

  2. AJsmama says:

    This sounds great! My posts aren’t lined up and I think one is bowed, also they’re not centered in my new boxed beam (though we tried).

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