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Hose Storage and Management Ideas

Garden hoses can be a real pain to keep organized and moved around from place to place in the yard. I’ve got a huge yard and every year it seems as though my hose “miss-management” has gotten worse so I enlisted the help of the folks at AMES for some hose storage ideas and solutions.

hose mess

Does your hose sit around the yard like the picture above? It looks awful and it can be quite a trip hazard for yourself and guests. If your hose is just laying around you should consider getting some hose storage. Read on to learn all about hose storage solutions and find one that suites your needs.

Types of Hose Storage

There are four basic types of hose storage that are used widely in yards (not including my coil it on the ground approach that I am finally rid of!). Hose storage types include:

  • Hose Hangers
  • Hose Reels
  • Hose Cabinets
  • Hose Carts

Hose Hangers

Hose Hangers have been around as long as hoses because they offer an inexpensive and simple solution for hanging hoses. Typically they are screwed or nailed to a wall or post near the hose spigot. They are usually made from light gauge metal or plastic. The biggest problem with them is you need to coil up the hose by hand without twisting it and creating a tangled mess. Then when you need the hose you either lift off all the hose at once or carefully lift off each loop as you pull the hose from the hanger.

Ames Wall Mounted Hose Reel

Hose Reels

Hose Reels are very affordable and easier to use than a hose hanger. I have a hose reel mounted under my deck near one of our hose spigots. The NeverLeak® Poly Wall Mount Hose Reel from AMES pictured above holds 225 feet of 5/8″ dia. garden hose and it has a nice handle and manual guide to help keep the hose neatly wound onto the reel. Hose reels are a great solution in places that are not very visible like garages, sheds, and under decks.Ames Mobile Hose Cart

Hose reels come in all kinds of designs and materials. From light gauge metal to heavy duty plastic. Some of the metal hose reels on the market offer a more decorative appearance if you have to install the reel in a visible area.

Hose Carts

Hose Carts are an excellent choice near gardens or for homeowners that move hose around to different areas of the yard (front yard to back yard for example). I use a NeverLeak® 250’ Hose Cart with Hose Guide from AMES to haul 100′ of hose around the backyard between our vegetable garden and flower gardens.

It acts much like a mobile staging area that’s much easier to move than pulling an extra 100′ of hose around the yard. Many hose carts come with storage options like the tray included in this version from AMES.

Hose Cabinets

Hose cabinets are another option especially if you want a clean look in visible areas like your front yard. Hose cabinets come in both metal and plastic versions and lots of different styles from rather plain to decorative designs that are sure to blend in with a nice garden.

Ames Decorator Hose Real

I’m using a NeverLeak® Decorative Metal Hose Cabinet from AMES in our front flower garden that’s adjacent to the main entrance to the house. It’s a metal cabinet it definitely looks better than the pile of hose that used to sit there!


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