Vinyl Railings Are a Great Home Improvement Idea

By Todd Fratzel on Finish Carpentry

A really great home improvement project that can add beauty and years of maintance free use is to replace old wooden railing systems outside with new vinyl products. I’m going to fall back again on my experience with my new home. I have a huge farmers porch on the front of the house and a large deck on the rear, and I couldn’t imagine maintaining wooden railings for the next 30 years.

Thinking of Getting Wooden Railings? Then Vinyl May be For You! by Adam Peters

When it comes to wooden railings, nothing can beat vinyl. Vinyl railings are low maintenance, they can be installed by anybody fairly easily with the right tools and they are less likely to splinter meaning they usually last longer than other wooden railings.
Manufacturers Trust Vinyl
Vinyl railings are so good that manufacturers have started offering a lifetime guarantee for the ones that they sell. A company would not do that if they were not confident that the product would live up to its expectations. It would give the manufacturers a bad name and they are just not willing to do that. So, a lifetime guarantee is definitely a good sign! In comparison to redwood and cedar which usually last around twelve years at the most, vinyl usually lasts at least twenty.
The Advantages You Can Expect
Apart from lasting a lot longer than other wooden railings, vinyl railings have quite a few advantages! For a start they do not need much maintenance which means you will not need to polish them, wax them or weatherproof them very often. Usually the only maintenance you really need to do is to wash them with a mild detergent in order to remove any dirt and dust to keep them looking clean and new.
You do need to weatherproof vinyl railings but once done they are protected against UV rays as well as the wind and the rain. Another great advantage is that vinyl does not show scratches on the outside easily, which makes it great if you have children! Usually wood shows scratches really easily and you then have to spend time waxing and polishing again in order to cover them up which can be a big hassle to do! So, the fact that you do not have to do that will appeal to many homeowners.
Finally vinyl railings do not need to be sanded or scraped and that usually makes them a more cost effective option than other types of wood. They can easily be installed if you have the right tools and they are generally one of the easiest wooden materials to install within the home as they do not need much work doing to them.
Overall vinyl railings are definitely for people who like minimum fuss, long lasting results and low cost railings. They brighten the look of any home and they are the easiest railings to keep up with.
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Adam Peters writes for . A free online magazine that carries articles on vinyl railings, and a guide on porch designs here vinyl railings

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  1. I definitely agree with the recommendation! We just replaced our wooden fence with vinyl with Level Construction.

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