Woodworking Tools for Beginners

By Todd Fratzel on Power Tools

Woodworking And Tools Go Hand In Hand! by Douglas Taylor

There has never been a better time to get started in the woodworking hobby. Information is everywhere with woodworking how to books and magazines at every bookstore. Add the Internet into all of this and you have a lot of choices to learn from.

One thing that trips up people just starting in the woodworking hobby is woodworking and tools. Beginners never know what they need. Some people go overboard and buy everything in site while others make do with what they have around the house.

No matter what your first project will be there are some general woodworking tools you cannot do without. You don’t need the latest and greatest tools when you are starting out. It is not practical to go out and buy two thousand dollars worth of power tools to build a birdhouse. Here are a few tools you will need for almost any project you can dream up.

A good workbench While a workbench cannot be classified as a tool it is hard to get much done without one. It does not matter whether you build it yourself or buy it ready to go the needs are the same. Your workbench needs to be heavy and stable so you can pound away on your project if you choose to. Some benches come with goodies such as a vise or tool tray. These extras are nice but you can do without them.

A saw or two No matter what type of woodworking you are doing you will have to cut wood to the correct length. Don’t skimp when you make this purchase. A high quality handsaw will do the trick when you are getting started. There are many different saws out there. Look for a good blade and a comfortable handle. Start out with a back saw for fine work and a rip saw for general cutting.

Drill The ability to drill holes in your woodworking is essential. This handy tool will do double duty as a sander or electric screwdriver if needed. The cordless drill is truly a fantastic invention. You can take it wherever you go. I do not know how to get along without this device.

Drill bits It is hard to drill holes without a bit to go with your drill. Get the best you can afford. The better ones work better and will last longer.

Sander Sanding is a job most people do not like to do. An electric sander makes this job much more tolerable. There are many variations on this tool but a good finish sander will make your projects shine.

Measuring device You cannot build much without some way to measure your wood. This is the most important tool you can own, you can saw all day long but if the pieces are not the right size it matters little. Get a high quality ruler and your projects will thank you many times over.

Safety Devices Woodworking and tools can be dangerous. Always use the proper caution and wear safety glasses. The most important safety device you have is common sense.

There are many more general woodworking tools available that you will need as your woodworking journey continues but these should get you started. Add as you go and try not to buy tools that will not help get the project you are working on done.

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