Woodworking Jigs & Templates

Jigs & Templates for Woodworkers

Being a successful woodworker means creating and using jigs that help improve safety, precision and replication. Below is a list of the jigs and templates that I use along with links to useful information on how I use them and build them. Please feel free to let me know if you’ve got a favorite template or jig that should be added to the list.

Tablesaw Crosscut Sled

Crosscut-Sled-Todd-FratzelOne of the most useful jigs for any woodshop is a tablesaw crosscut sled. The sled can drastically improve your precision when crosscutting small pieces, repetitive pieces and even odd shaped material. It’s also a much safer way of crosscutting material compared to a plain miter gauge.

I built this crosscut sled for around $50 using some scrap materials and parts available from woodworking supply companies like Rockler.

I have a detailed article: How To Build a Tablesaw Crosscut Sled, which outlines step by step directions on how I built it. The article even includes a link to a 3D SketchUp model that you can download Free!.

Miter Saw Bench Fence with Stops

Kreg-Precision-Trak-and-StopThis is more of a permanent shop fixture but still deserves mention as a jig of sorts. For my miter saw bench I used the Kreg Precision Trak & Stop system to build a custom fence that allows me to greatly improve the accuracy of repetitive cuts.

I installed Rockler T-Track in the top of my bench on either side of the saw. This allows me to attach the wood fence to the bench and fine-tune their positions with respect to the saw. It also allows me to remove them and use the bench as an assembly table.

The fences are built with 1x pine and an aluminum angle attached to the back. The angle is attached to the bench with T-Bolts and a plastic jig knob.

You can read more about the fence in this article: Kreg Precision Trak & Stop System Review.

Router Guide of Dados

router-dado-jig-cutting-dadoSometimes cutting a dado isn’t always convenient or easy on a tablesaw. Having a router jig for cutting dados can be very useful. I’ve built several over the years. This is a very simple one that I use on occasion which can be built from scrap material.

This particular jig is one I use for cutting dados in book shelve sides that are 12″ deep.  For narrower material I just remove the screws and move the sides. You could easily improve this jig with slots and bolts to make it adjustable for varying width material.

More information on this jig can be found here: Router Dado Jig.


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