WORX JawSaw Review

By Todd Fratzel on Gardening Tools, Product Reviews

WORX JawSaw – Electric Limbing and Trimming Chainsaw

The folks from WORX Tools sent me their new JawSaw to test and review. They claim that the JawSaw is the World’s Safest Chainsaw for cleaning up storm damage and serious piles of brush. The concept is really cool but I was a bit skeptical. Read on to find out what I actually thought!

JawSaw Features

  • Electric motor runs off standard household receptacles (15 amp).
  • The jaw of the tool almost completely encloses the chain, guarding the operator from potential contact and also reducing the risk of coming in contact with unintended objects.
  • Allows for safe cutting on the ground, unlike conventional chainsaws
  • Steel teeth hold work in place while cutting for stability
  • Auto-Tension feature sets the proper tension for you
  • Automatic chain oiler with oil level indicator

How It Works

The JawSaw is fairly simple in how it works and that simplicity makes it really easy to use which is great for DIY’ers and folks that have no experience running dangerous chainsaws. If you look at the first photo above you’ll see what looks like a big toothed jaw with no sign of any chainsaw chain. If you look at the photo to the right you’ll see a small chainsaw like bar with a chainsaw cutting chain.

To cut wood with the JawSaw you place the “jaw” over a small log or limb and push down on the orange handle shown above. When you push down on the handle the chainsaw bar  pivots across the jaw opening to cut the wood. When you release the handle the cutting chain moves back out of the way behind the jaw clear of any hands or feet.

If you look closely at the last photo you’ll see that the cutting chain is just shy of the nose of the jaw. This is really nice because you can push the jaw tight to the ground without the cutting chain cutting into the ground. This means the cutting chain will stay sharper longer.

How It Performed

I used the JawSaw to cut up several small trees that I cut down while pruning some larger trees. I was able to quickly and safely cut the small trees up into manageable pieces for easy disposal. The JawSaw had no trouble cutting the Maple and Oak trees up to 4 inches in diameter. I was actually very impressed with how easy it is to use and how well it worked!

You can also purchase an extension for the JawSaw which allows you to cut limbs up in a tree as high as 12 feet. As you can see in the adjacent photo the extension clamps on to the JawSaw handle and makes the handle much longer. One slight drawback to this set-up is how top heavy it is. You have to be VERY careful holding the cutting head up in the air above your head!

Overall Impression

I have to admit I was really impressed and surprised by how well the JawSaw worked! I really thought it was going to be more of a gimmick than anything but I was pleasantly surprised. This tool makes quick work of tree cleanup for small trees and limbs up to 4 inches in diameter. Best of all it’s MUCH safer than a chainsaw. Chainsaws are one of the top 5 most dangerous tools as far as I’m concerned so the JawSaw is super for homeowners.

The JawSaw sells for $119.00 and the extension sells for $39.99. For the price of a string trimmer you can have a very effective, safe chainsaw for small yard cleanup tasks! Check out the following links if you’re interested in buying the JawSaw.

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  1. David says:

    bought one last week and we had high winds trees down all over the place here. this saw made short work of all the limbes

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