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Zip SanderZip Sander Products

Recently Ali Industries, Inc. announced a new product line, Zip Sander Products, under their Gator™ Finishing Products brand. The Zip Sander Products have been introduced as an innovative line of hand sanding tools that are useful for many different applications and industries. The focus of these sanding tools appears to be comfort, performance and convenience. They sent me two of their products to use and review including: the Zip Sander and the Zip Sponge Holder.

Zip SanderZip Sander

The Zip Sander is a very simple yet effective tool. Basically it’s an ergonomically shaped foam sanding “block” that uses a hook and loop sand paper pad. The hook and loop is just like the systems used for small palm sanders.

Every job requires some amount of hand sanding regardless of how many power tools you have. Whether you use a sanding block or just a piece of sand paper in your hand I always end up with “finger cramps” from gripping the block or paper.

I was pleasantly surprised at the simplicity of this new tool and how effective it is. I’m a huge fan of the ergonomic design that allows you to grip the foam sander with comfort. I found it to be very easy to use and a very good sanding block because of the soft handle that conforms to irregular shapes.

The Zip Sander came pre-packaged with six sheets of the hook and loop sandpaper  (2 each of 80 grit, 120 grit and 220 grit). You can also buy refill packages with finer sand paper up to 400 grit. I think it’s fair to say the Zip Sander will be putting quite a few sanding blocks into retirement!

Zip Sponge HolderZip Sponge Holder

The other Zip product that was sent to me for review was the Zip Sponge Holder. Today sanding sponges have become extremely popular and that’s why the folks at Zip Sanding Products came up with hit tool. It comes with a Step 1 sponge for stripping, two of the Step 2 sponges for sanding and a Step 3 sponge for finishing. Assorted refill packages of the sponges are available and sanding sponges with grits of 80, 120, 220 and 320 are also available.

The Zip Sponge Holder allows you to use a sanding sponge to sand with while using an ergonomically shaped holding device that makes it much easier to use. The Zip Sponge Holder helps keep your fingers away from the sanding surface. The guys on my crew use sanding sponges all the time and they found this tool to be a major upgrade when it comes to sponge sanding.

Final Impressions

All and all I found the Zip Sanding Products to be major upgrades when it comes to hand sanding. Anytime you can find a well designed tool that reduces wear and tear on your body then it’s a winner in my book. Both of these products are less than $10 which is a big bonus with me as well. You can buy the Zip Sanding Products at hardware and home centers around the country. If you’re having a hard time finding a local retailer than call 1-800-255-4748.

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