ZIP System Wall and Roof Sheathing

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People who read my blog on a regular basis know that I’m a huge fan of AdvanTech sheathing products. Huber Engineered Woods manufactures AdvanTech and their newest product the ZIP System. I just saw a demonstration on this product and I was so impressed that we’ll be trying it on a new house very soon.

Huber Engineered Woods has developed an entire set of sheathing products for the entire house building project. We currently use AdvanTech sheathing for the floors, walls and roof. However, now there is an even better product to use on the walls and roof, ZIP System.

ZIP System Wall
The ZIP System Wall sheathing has a built in water-resistive barrier which eliminates the need for traditional vapor barrier products. The wall sheathing is 7/16″ thick and meets structural wall sheathing requirements. By using the ZIP System Wall sheathing you can eliminate housewraps that traditionally tear and blow off houses during construction. This product eliminates the possibility of trapped moisture between the housewrap and sheathing. The water-resistive barrier prevents air infiltration and allows moisture to escape. The ZIP system comes with a 30 year limited warranty.

ZIP System Roof
The ZIP System Roof sheathing has a built in water-resistive barrier which eliminates the need for felt paper and H-clips. The roof sheathing comes in 1/2 and 5/8 inch thicknesses and meets structural sheathing requirements. By using the ZIP System Roof sheathing you can begin work on the inside of the house sooner because the roof is dried in. Shingles lay flatter on the ZIP system and no-skid texture allows roofers to work safely on the roof.

ZIP System Tape
All seams, valleys, ridges and corners need to be sealed with the ZIP System Tape. The tape prevents moisture and air infiltration and completes the moisture barrier system. The tape is easliy applied with a special tape dispenser.

I’ve been so impressed with the quality and value of the AdvanTech products that I’m very confident the ZIP System will be just as good. I’m excited to see the constant developments in high performance materials in the building industry. Stay tuned for future updates on the product when we finally build a house with it.

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  1. Joe says:

    Why does no one ever mention what this damn stuff costs?

    • Todd says:

      @ Joe – I costs about 10% to 15% more than regular sheathing. However, once you account for the house wrap I believe it’s a wash plus it’s a MUCH better system in my opinion.

  2. Zaheerahmad says:

    I have few questions:

    What is the R vale for zip system?
    Can you apply California stucco?
    Can you attach cultured stones?
    What insulation is better with zip system, spray foam or traditional insulation?


    • Todd says:

      It doesn’t really have an R value, it’s simply a sheathing product.
      You should check their specifications as I’m sure they have a detail/spec for using with Stucco.
      Same as above.
      ZIP has nothing to do with that. The insulation systems stand on their own.

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